Delkos Research Appoints Salvatore Buccellato as CEO

Delkos Research, a technology company that provides behaviour analytics and engagement tools to increase the Client Lifetime Value for Forex and Futures brokerages, has appointed to take on the role of its chief executive officer.
The appointment was effective from September 2020, according to Buccellato’s Linkedin profile.
Since its launch in 2016, was headed up by Barry Ubsdell who has spent the past 4 years helping build an international technology business based out of South Africa. Ubsdell has held the title of Delkos’ head of business development for nearly five years.
Salvatore joins the Johannesburg team with experience in the institutional e-commerce trading space, technology, and liquidity solutions for high frequency traders, brokerage firms, and buy-side money managers across a variety of CFD, FX, and precious metal products.
In 2018, he was named chief revenue officer at blockchain startup Lampix, a position he held for over two years.

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