Brexit: UK Regulator Offers Temporary Relief on Swaps Trading

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced on Thursday that it will allow British companies to approach the European Union-based platforms for derivatives trading until the end of March 2021.
This decision came hours before the expiry of the 11 months long transition period of on December 31. Though the two parties have agreed on a deal for the divorce, London’s massive financial services did not receive much attention.
“We will consider by 31 March 2021 whether market or regulatory developments warrant a review of our approach,” the FCA noted.
No Deal for Financial Services
The British regulator’s announcement came to prevent any sudden disruption in the financial market after the reopening of the market next week. The decision was also pushed by the Bank of England’s warning that the estimated impact of Brexit on interest rate swaps is worth $200 billion.
“Without mutual equivalence, some firms, in particular the branches of EU firms in London, will be caught by a conflict of law between the EU and UK DTOs,” the announcement pointed out.
“Where firms that are subject to the UK DTO trade with, or on behalf of, EU clients that are subject to the EU DTO, they will be able to transact or execute those trades on EU venues.”
Earlier, the regulators of both EU and Britain came up with rules on shares trading following the expiration of the transition deadline. While the Brits permitted companies to , the ESMA  executed their trades within the bloc.
Even though the regulators stepped in to temporarily offer relief to a few financial sectors, UK-based brokers remained among the worst hit. As Finance Magnates actively reported, many have , while others for licenses.

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