Exclusive: Takeprofit Tech Announces Partnership with Broctagon

The fintech solutions provider, Takeprofit Tech announced today that it has formed a partnership with a multi-asset liquidity and technology provider, Broctagon Fintech Group to increase risk-management choices for global brokers.
According to the press release shared with Finance Magnates, Takeprofit Tech collaborated with Broctagon to present dynamic leverage scheduling for brokers. The newly introduced MetaTrader 4 plugin will allow brokers to facilitate traders with high leverage, with an option of leverage adjustment on the basis of equity or balance of the trader.
Takeprofit Tech outlined the importance of risk management during highly volatile markets. The leverage scheduling function will enable brokers to provide high leverage at a lower risk. The feature will allow brokers to increase the security of the trading environment along with high-level protection in case of news-based volatility in the market.
Commenting on the recent partnership, Valentine Piotrovich, Head of Business Development of Takeprofit Tech, said: “We are happy to work with Broctagon to deliver brokers and traders another option for risk management. The product not only reduces the risks for brokers but protects traders against negative balances.”
Competitive Market
The press release mentioned that the major events of 2020, including the coronavirus pandemic, the US elections and cryptocurrency boom have increased the volatility in international financial markets. The recent events have enhanced the competitiveness in the brokerage industry as the companies are adopting innovative risk-management tools to minimize risks. Takeprofit Tech plans to mitigate risks by offering dynamic scheduling for brokers.
“Brokers today need fresh ways to stay competitive in a way that not only provides their clients with the best trading environment but ensures that their business is risk-free as well. We’re glad to work with Takeprofit Tech in this direction and offer cutting-edge technology to our clients,” Ted Quek, Chief Technology Officer of Broctagon Fintech Group, said in a statement.
Founded in 2013, Takeprofit Tech has offices in Saint Petersburg and Limassol. The company .

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