Cryptocurrency Investors in US and Japan Reaches New High

The Tokyo-based financial services company Monex Group released the results of its Global Retail Investor Survey, which shows that the number of investors in Japan with active cryptocurrency reached a record high of 16.2%.
According to the survey findings, the US reported a record increase in the retail crypto investors as 21% of the respondents said that they already invested in cryptocurrencies. The firm conducted the survey across Japan, (Hong Kong) and the US from 19 November to 30 November.
The firm surveyed investors in Japan through Monex and in the US through TradeStation securities. Additionally, the Group surveyed investors in China (Hong Kong) through MONEX Boom Securities. The number of investors in digital assets decreased slightly in China (Hong Kong) from 14.5% in 2019 to 14.1% in 2020.
“We asked retail investors about much-discussed cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, with respect to their experience with it and their willingness to invest in it. The percentage of retail investors replying that they had already invested in cryptocurrency was 16.2% in Japan and 21.0% in the U.S., the highest level in each country since this question was introduced in June 2017. The percentage of investors in China (Hong Kong) who had invested in cryptocurrency fell slightly from the previous survey,” Monex mentioned in the official .
Retail Investors
The Group surveyed other trends in the global retail trading industry. According to the survey, retail investors in China (Hong Kong) were the most optimistic about the performance of global stock markets while investors in the US and Japan remained cautious. The report indicated optimism among investors regarding the US stock market due to a potential rebound in economic activities.
The total number of cryptocurrency investors has increased across the world as more people are planning to diversify their investment portfolio with the inclusion of crypto assets. The recent numbers from Japan and the US indicate the mass of digital assets.

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