WOZX Gains $2.5 Billion after Debut on HBTC and Bithumb

has been a success story for its parent company, Efforce and its Founder, Steve Wozniak. The cryptocurrency has gained more than $2.5 billion in market value since its launch on the Singapore-based HBTC exchange earlier this month.
According to the official details of the project, Steve Wozniak’s new blockchain company, Efforce plans to disrupt the $241 billion energy efficient market. The platform plans to link the financing contributors and the energy savers.
Wozniak launched the WOZX token to allow investors to fund energy-efficient projects and get repaid in tokens. The received a massive response from investors in the last week, WOZX opened on the HBTC exchange at $0.10 per token and touched almost $3.50 on 10 December.
WOZX has a total supply of 1 billion and as of writing, the price of the token is stabilizing at around $2.80. The project received a valuation of $80 million before the launch. WOZX is currently available for trading only on HBTC and Bithumb.
“As the most important part of realizing Efforce’s ultimate goal, the token WOZX has been carefully designed and issued. The Wozniak team has chosen HBTC.com to first launch the WOZX. The cooperation is a natural choice given HBTC’s superior technology practice, renowned industry reputation and industry-leading trading experience,” HBTC said in an official press release.
Buying Process
At the moment WOZX token is not available for US citizens to buy from a US-based exchange. To buy the token on HBTC, a user must buy the stablecoin Tether first and then use Tether to buy WOZX. The Co-founder of Apple avoided the uncertainty in the US regarding the regulation of by registering Efforce in Malta.
Wozniak has been an active member of the global blockchain community. In 2018, the American technology entrepreneur launched a blockchain-focused venture capital fund, EQUI Global to transform the venture capital industry.

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