More Than 10% Crypto Investors Expect Bitcoin to Cross $100,000 by 2030

Genesis Mining, an institutional mining platform, recently released the results from a survey of US-based Bitcoin . Nearly 10.3% of the investors expect the price of Bitcoin to jump above $100,000 by 2030.
According to the survey, 65% of Bitcoin investors remained bullish and 57% of them believed BTC is a better long-term investment than gold. Approximately 55% of respondents preferred the world’s largest cryptocurrency over stocks like Apple, Google and Facebook.
The mining company interviewed more than 1,000 Bitcoin investors in the US with a series of over 24 questions. The retail investors believed that declining trust in fiat currencies is another major reason for BTC .
Commenting on the results, Marco Streng, Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Mining, said: “We’ve been long term Bitcoin bulls since we started mining back in 2013. These findings support our belief that there are many others out there who are bullish about Bitcoin as well.”
Price Prediction
The survey specifically asked respondents to share views on the expected price of Bitcoin by 2030. According to the results, around 34% of people said that they expect the price of Bitcoin to drop below $10,000 by the end of the next decade. However, on the bullish side, around 25% of the total respondents expect Bitcoin price to jump above $40,000 by 2030, including 4.8% who believe that BTC price will be able to cross $500,000 by the end of 2030.
In addition to the price prediction, the investors replied about the current exposure of their savings in BTC. The findings indicate that nearly 20% of the respondents have 60% or more savings invested in the world’s largest .
“The objective of this new study was to better understand how retail investors who’ve invested in Bitcoin feel about the asset class and to learn more about their outlook on the future of BTC compared to other investments,” the company in the official press release shared yesterday.

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