Italy’s Leading Private Bank Plans to Start Crypto Services

Banca Generali, an Italian bank focused on wealth management and private banking, announced today that it has partnered with an Italian crypto provider, Conio to offer its services to the clients of Banca Generali in 2021.
According to the official , the private bank has made a $14 million investment in Conio to acquire a minority stake. Banca Generali aims to expand its services with the recent partnership amid the growing interest of Italian clients in digital assets.
The outlined the significant growth of cryptocurrencies in recent months and mentioned that the demand for crypto wallets in Italy is increasing. Banca Generali plans to offer crypto custody services in partnership with Conio.
Commenting on the recent partnership, Gian Maria Mossa, General Manager and CEO of Banca Generali, said: “We predict that the future structure of financial markets will be influenced by blockchain technology, which continues to enable innovation in cryptocurrencies and many other areas of the financial ecosystem.”
“The agreement with Conio means an expansion of the services offered to our customers and collaborating with an innovation-oriented partner. We can thus continue to develop our open-banking platform expanding our offering with industry-leading innovative solutions. I would also like to highlight the great attention that Conio pays to security and regulatory aspects, which have been key to the creation of this partnership.”
Digital Europe
In addition to the details about the recent partnership, the Italian bank mentioned the progress that other European countries have made in the creation of digital currencies. The bank praised the integration of blockchain technology in the . For Conio, it seems like a good opportunity to help financial institutions in the adoption of crypto services.
“This agreement with Banca Generali is a significant step towards a new era for the whole financial system with more traditional financial institutions opening the way for collaboration between the established and the new players. After ten years of development and industrial stabilization, cryptocurrencies are now entering into a tangible new phase, debuting on the financial institutions’ range of services,” Christian Miccoli, CEO of Conio said in a statement.

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