New WordPress Plugin Allows Ad Revenue in Ethereum

WordPress, an open-source content management system, accepted a new plugin on its platform that allows the content publishers to auction advertisement space for .
Dubbed ‘EthereumAds’, the WordPress plugin plans to compete with Google Adsense with the new advertising extension for publishers. Google Adsense is currently the world’s leading ad monetization platform.
outlined the auction process for the ad space in which publishers are required to integrate its widget to the WordPress website. The ad space will be auctioned to the highest bidder automatically for a period of 14 days.
According to the developer of the new WordPress plugin, all content publishers will be able to receive ad earning directly into their Ethereum . There are several cryptocurrency extensions available on WordPress including payment buttons and price tickers.
“EthereumAds is an open-source software to earn Ethereum with banner ads. Monetize your content in under 1 minute by simply adding our widget to your WordPress site. After you inserted our widget, your ad space is automatically openly auctioned off using our smart contract every two weeks to the highest bidder. Just let our open bidding market automatically and continually find the perfect ads for you. Your earnings go directly into your Ethereum wallet,” the official plugin description states.
WordPress and Cryptocurrencies
had a mixed relationship with the world’s leading content management system. The company became one of the first platforms to accept cryptocurrencies in 2012 but dropped Bitcoin as a payment method in 2016 due to a surge in transaction fees. The newly launched plugin is another step towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Finance Magnates earlier that Draper Goren Holm, a Tim Draper-backed blockchain venture studio introduced a WordPress plugin to facilitate cryptocurrency exchange features for any website.
Despite a surge in crypto extensions and plugins across WordPress platforms, cryptocurrencies are still facing a tough challenge in the online payment world because of their title as a niche payment method.

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