Gemini Appoints David Abner as Global Head of Business Development

Gemini announced on Thursday that it has appointed David Abner as its new Head of Business Development.
According to a press release, Abner, an experienced financial executive, has been named by Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, as its new Global Head of Business Development. He will lead the expansion of its institutional business and strengthen its reputation as a trusted and secure crypto exchange.
Abner brings extensive experience in exchange traded funds (ETF) and digital assets to the custodian. Further, he will utilise his experience to manage a focused team to develop Gemini’s relationship with major institutional partners worldwide. Further, his knowledge of ETFs will be of great benefit, especially since he is both an ETF educator and has published ‘The ETF Handbook’.

David Abner, Global Head of Business Development, Gemini.
Earlier to joining , Abner launched a boutique advisory and investment firm called Dabner Capital Partners. It concentrates its efforts on developing ETFs and digital assets.
At WisdomTree Asset Management, he initally took on the executive role of Vice President. Shortly after, he escalated to Chief Executive Officer for WisdomTree Europe. This was around the time it became Europe’s ninth largest ETF provider. Part of his reponsibilities entailed overseeing the considerable expansion in assets under management.
Before serving at WisdomTree, Abner suucessfully fulfilled the roles of Managing Director and Head of ETF’s and BNP Paribas and Bear Stearns.
The Partners of Choice
With tremendous growth in the crypto industry throughout 2020, the escalation continues to progress. Currently, numerous institutions are pouring their resources into the new asset class with no end in sight.
A representative of Gemini stated that David will ensure that Gemini remains the partner of choice for institutions seeking knowledge and guidance. This is because many of them are looking to engage with cryptocurrencies in a secure and regulated manner.
Furthermore, he is the latest addition to an incredibly accomplished group of senior leaders at Gemini. This group includes Jeremy Ng as Head of Asia Pacific Region, David Damato as Chief Security Officer, Sydney Schaub as General Counsel and Robert Cornish as Chief Technology Officer.

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