Bitmain Launches International Version of AntSentry

Bitmain, one of the world’s largest mining hardware manufacturers announced today that it has launched AntSentry International, the global version of the cloud-based operation and maintenance management system.
According to the official press release, AntSentry was launched earlier this year and received positive feedback from the users. The new version plans to bring multiple functions including real-time miner monitoring, batch operation, and automatic maintenance to customers worldwide.
The company the importance of making Bitcoin mining easier and accessible. Bitmain mentioned that AntSentry is compatible with multiple mining pools including, AntPool, HuobiPool and F2Pool.
Currently, AntSentry has more than 500,000 miners and nearly 50 data centers under its portfolio. The Chinese users praised different features of AntSentry including real-time effective monitoring of offline mining data, miner failures and mining pool allocations.
Commenting on the recent launch, Bob Liang, Business Line Leader of AntSentry, said: “The company has attracted many Chinese and has gained strong momentum. Customers have given us very positive feedback. They have seen a strong improvement of operational efficiency and successfully reduced operation and maintenance costs with more efficient overall monitoring and management. AntSentry’s performance spoke for itself.”
Global Expansion
The company aims to expand the presence of AntSentry to international regions like Europe, Western Asia, and the United States. The company mentioned that the new version will help crypto miners and data centers across the world to gain a competitive advantage. Bitmain hinted at further expansion of its product offering in the future.
“AntSentry showcases new advanced features like one-click management for the top ten most frequent failures, batch execution for eight most common operation procedures, automatic intelligent operation and maintenance, security protection and statistics center. The AntSentry management system can analyze data centers’ quantitative data to generate efficient mining solutions,” the company mentioned in the official press release.
Bitmain has been in the news recently because of a power tussle between its co-founders. The company delayed shipments due to management chaos.

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