B2Margin: Learn How to Launch Your Margin Exchange in 3 Weeks!

The value of Bitcoin has recently hit record heights and all institutional brokers and exchanges are now actively into crypto!
Even the largest exchanges have now implemented leveraged trading thanks to its high profit-potential.
Crypto margin trading offers brokers outstanding advantages with lucrative trading opportunities. Margin exchanges are the new trend!
Join B2Broker’s Head of Products, Denis Umanets and Product Manager of B2Margin, Andrew Matushkin for a live webinar as they outline margin trading in the crypto sphere.
Sponsored by B2Broker, the live webinar will take place on December 15, 2020, at 14:00 MSK.
Don’t Be Caught Flatfooted by Any October Surprises
The webinar will focus on B2Margin’s trading solution, which is designed with both institutional and retail clients in mind.
By offering an additional leverage trading solution in addition to spot trading to clients, businesses can boost their profit-potential in ways not previously achievable.
The webinar also provides a useful overview of crypto margin trading and how to take advantage of the trend with B2Margin.
Learn how a complete B2Margin brokerage solution can be implemented in just 3 weeks, setting you on the road to success!
Additionally, the session will emphasize key fundamentals, such as economic and political news in October and key technical tips. Furthermore, participants will be able to get a first glimpse at the upcoming FBS Forex Intensive.
Learn more about B2Broker’s presentation and join the conversation by accessing the following .

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