INFINOX Brings Affordable S&P Micro Futures Trading to South America

  • Infinox appointed as market maker for S&P 500 Micro futures by Brazil’s B3 exchange
  • London-based Infinox, the first UK company to make FX futures trading possible in South America, is now offering Brazilian investors affordable access to the benchmark S&P 500 index of US equities
  • The B3 – or Brasil Bolsa Balcão – is the world’s third largest derivatives exchange, with a market cap of $715bn
  • UK-based CFD provider has followed up on its trailblazing rollout of forex futures trading in South America by offering Brazilian investors access to S&P 500 Micro futures.
    The global trading platform has been selected by the Brasil Bolsa Balcão stock exchange – known as the B3 – as a market maker for the hugely popular equity futures contracts, which allow investors affordable exposure to the S&P 500 index.
    The appointment means that Brazilian investors in the B3 – the world’s third largest derivatives exchange by volume in 2019 – can now trade Micro futures contracts that track the S&P 500 index of large-cap US companies in their home market, and without needing to send funds out of the country.
    The simplicity and liquidity of S&P 500 futures means they have long been a staple for both professional and amateur traders.
    But the introduction in 2018 of Micro futures, which are 20 times smaller than a standard contract, transformed the trading landscape by offering sophisticated retail investors affordable, highly leveraged exposure to one of the world’s best known equity indices.
    The surging popularity of S&P 500 Micro futures saw the total volume traded over the past three months hit $5.61bn, a 230% increase on the previous quarter.
    Infinox’s selection as a market maker by the São Paulo-based B3 – Brazil’s second oldest exchange, with a market cap of $715bn – unlocks S&P 500 Micro futures for a market already showing strong investor demand.
    Robert Berkeley, CEO of , said:
    “The scale and potential of Brazil’s untapped market is truly exciting. Brazilian investors already trade over $70bn per day on just two futures products, so the arrival of S&P 500 Micro futures is a gamechanger.
    “Earlier this year Infinox took the strategic decision to use our high levels of liquidity to diversify into market making for established and successful exchanges like the B3. We blazed a trail by enabling Brazilian investors to trade forex futures, and we’re now proud to offer them access to the S&P 500, one of the world’s best-known and most highly traded equity indices.
    “We have more than a decade of experience in our home market, and now have a presence in 15 countries. We pride ourselves on providing competitive trading conditions and premium client service, and look forward to unlocking US equity futures trading to a new wave of ambitious Brazilian investors.”
    About Infinox
    is a global, online trading platform based in the City of London. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it enables clients across the UK, EU and beyond to trade a full range of asset classes, from forex to equities and commodities.
    Its business is built on integrity and trust, and it offers customers access to a range of market intelligence tools as well as dynamic products, competitive trading parameters and premium, one-on-one customer service.

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