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Founded by passionate mathematicians and Big Data specialists, XOSignals is a .
The company develops some of the most accurate trading signals for the forex, commodities, gold, stocks and crypto markets, including for trading CFDs.
The XOSignals team aims to provide advanced financial signals for trading various markets, empowering traders to make informed decisions.
This vision has led the company to create advanced financial analysis software that is available via mobile apps and as a desktop version.
They offer both free and paid versions of the signals to suit every type of trader.
The Need for Trading Signals
A trade signal is a means to identify opportunities to open a trading position. These signals are not just used by retail traders but also large institutional traders, to accurately identify buying or selling opportunities for the asset of their choice.
Trade signals for forex, or commodities are generated through robust , based on the market performance of the asset, along with fundamental analysis, quantitative analysis, and other market factors, such as economic indicators.
The goal is to provide traders an automated system, devoid of human emotions and errors, to predict potential price changes and the direction of change.
Apart from very simple sell and buy triggers, trading signals can also be used for modifying a portfolio.
This is done by determining when it might be a good time to buy more of a certain asset and reduce investments in another. It can also be helpful in asset class allocation.
It can help investors determine how to shift money among the forex, commodities, cryptos and other markets.
Additionally, trade signals also do the task of educating the trader. With these signals, traders can determine the logic behind their trades.
This shortens their learning curve. However, there are multiple trading signals to choose from and not all of them are as helpful.
This is why the XOSignals’ app for trading signals, compatible with both iOS and Android, can be a great way to analyse the markets.
How XOSignals Trade Signals Work
The success of the XOSignals app is evidenced by the fact that it is already being used by more than 1 million traders. The app aims to make complex market trading easy to understand and assess, even for beginner traders.
The trading signals are based on software generated technical analysis. These can help identify variations of values within an economic system, long before they are witnessed in the marketplace.
Some of the inputs used by the app include:
1.   Technical Patterns
Technical patterns are distinct formations that are created by the price movements of an asset on a chart. The pattern is identified with the help of a line connecting the common price points, such as lows or highs, or the closing prices, within a timeframe.
These patterns are used to predict future price movements of the asset. Patterns can be based on ticks or seconds, minutes, hours, and even months.
These can then be applied to candlestick, line, and bar charts. A trend line is the simplest form of technical patterns.
Broadly, technical patterns can be divided into two categories: continuation patterns and reversal patterns.
Continuation pattens, such as ascending and descending triangles and flag patterns, indicate that an existing trend is likely to continue in the near term.
On the other hand, reversal patterns, such as head and shoulders patterns, point towards a change in direction of the trend.
2.   Moving Averages
Moving averages is a statistical calculation, used for analysing data points. The calculation is done with the help of a series of averages of the various subsets of the complete data set.
The moving average helps in creating a constantly updated average price of an asset. This is achieved by smoothening out the price action. This minimises the effect of unexpected, short-term fluctuations on the price.
Moving averages are generally used for identifying the support and resistance levels, or the trend direction of a security.
3.   Volume
Volume refers to the amount of a security or asset that is moved during a particular period of time. For instance, with stocks, the trading volume means the number of shares traded of a particular stock during one trading session.
Usually, assets that see higher trading volume tend to be more liquid. This makes high volume one of the things to look for when opening a position in the market.
4.   Interest Rates
Changes in interest rates can also lead to changes in the price of stocks, commodities and currencies. For instance, a country with a higher interest rate is considered a more attractive option for investors, since they offer higher income. This makes the currency of that nation more popular.
5.   Volatility
Volatility is the statistical measurement of the dispersion of returns of an asset. In simple terms, volatility refers to how much swing the price of an asset experiences during a particular period.
Assets that see greater volatility are considered riskier, since their price movements are more difficult to predict. But these price fluctuations also provide great trading opportunities for skilled traders.
Extreme highs and lows in price can also trigger market changes.
6.   Market Cycles
The financial markets tend to move in a cyclical manner. This essentially means that a period of price rise is likely to be followed by a period of price decline and vice versa.
This is generally true whether they are non-trending or in a steady trend. A popular saying in the stock markets is “sell in May and go away.”
This is based on the historically weak performance of certain stocks during the summer months, from May to October.
7.   Market Sentiment
Market sentiment refers to the attitude of investors towards a certain financial market or an asset. It is generally used as a contrarian indicator.
When there is excessive bullishness towards actual trading activity or surveys, it can point towards market tops. Conversely, a highly bearish sentiment can indicate the potential for a market bottom.
8.   Valuation
Valuation is the process of figuring out the projected or current worth of an asset. An incredibly high valuation, in comparison to the market, stock, or sector, can lead to sell signals.
When trading signals are generated by taking all these factors into consideration, the accuracy of the signals is likely to be incredibly high.
Benefits of Using the XOSignals App
Technical analysis requires the evaluation of market occurrences at an incredibly detailed and in-depth level, which can be complex.
It takes time to master the ability to read charts and identify trading signals. However, with the XOSignals mobile trading signals app, all the complete calculations are completed by the software and the result is presented in an easy-to-understand formal.
The IT professionals at XOSignals use the highest levels of security while communicating signals, with cutting edge technology being used to make market predictions.
The company also offers excellent customer support to help beginners navigate the complex financial markets.
“We realised very quickly that one of the trading challenges, especially for beginners, was analysing the market effectively to identify trading opportunities. It’s something nobody talks about which creates a knowledge vacuum. That’s why we created an app that would provide support to traders, regardless of their level of experience.” stated Yossef A, Chief Operating Officer at XOSignals.
Some of the key advantages of XOSignals are:
Today’s traders want to stay connected to their trades even on the go. This is exactly what XOSignals helps achieve with its highly compatible app.
The app can be accessed on a mobile device, desktop or tablet. Both the mobile and app and desktop platform can be used for automated trading.
The website even has an auto translation feature to French, Danish, Filipino, Spanish, German, Hindi and many other languages.
So, if English is not your native language, you can still take advantage of the trading signals app. Traders can choose to receive trading signals directly on their mobile device as alerts or push notifications.
Live Trading Signals
Forex, stocks, index and crypto trading signals are available on both the demo and live account. Traders can also access live price feeds and a live charting service.
With the , they can choose to stay updated on the prices of chosen stocks, forex, cryptos, indices, and commodities.
Additionally, traders gain the benefit of live support where they can chat with other traders and participate in social trading.
This is a great way to discuss strategies or ideas and hone trading skills. On the live chat, there are almost 1 million users across 25 countries.
If a trader has questions on how to use the XOSignals app or anything else trading-related, other traders can help answer them.
In addition, traders can access educational resources to enhance their familiarity with the financial markets. They can even check the real time win ratio of their signals. This allows them to gain greater confidence in their trading decisions.
Free Forex Trading Signals
Most platforms or apps that promise free trading signals have certain hidden costs that come as a surprise to traders.
Even if traders do manage to find completely free forex signals, such functionalities might not be based on robust, cutting-edge technical analysis and fundamental analysis.
This makes them less accurate and reliable. In fact, they could end up doing more harm than good.
On the other hand, XOSignals offers free stocks and forex signals, which have been developed with advanced software-generated technical analysis.
Therefore, the company vouches for the accuracy of the signals. To date, traders have won over 183,500 pips via these signals. This is one of the best figures in the market.
Customised Updates
To cater to the needs of diverse types of traders, XOSignals offers customised trading signals for index, commodities, forex, and crypto trading.
This helps traders develop suitable trading plans for the asset of their choice. XOSignals takes into account how a specific client’s account has performed in the past, the expected future events, and what the technical indicators are pointing towards to prepare the customised updates.
This feature is not offered by most of the other trading signal providers.
Forex Charts
Charts and market data are extremely important for traders. With XOSignals, traders gain quick and easy access to all analytical reports, charts, and forex data.
They no longer need to search through different sites for the information they need to make trading decisions. This saves significant time and effort that would have otherwise been required to optimise a trading strategy.
Free Open Chat
With XOSignals, traders also gain access to a unique live chat. With this chat box, users can interact directly with traders from over 25 countries.
To ensure smooth communication between users, the chat comes with an auto translation feature. This means that regardless of the language that the trader is comfortable with, they can exchange tips and insights with each other seamlessly.
This helps create a much more inclusive and educational trading community.
Support for Beginners
The multiple trading opportunities that various financial markets offer have been increasingly attracting traders in 2020, due to the pandemic-led uncertainty.
However, many give up early due to the complex nature of the markets. Among those who do try to trade, many might lose confidence in their decision making.
This can be highly detrimental to trading success. XOSignals offers prompt and responsive support, while also providing rich resources through the on the platform.
In this section, traders can choose from six courses that offer vital training to navigate the markets. The first course introduces forex trading.
This is followed by courses on how to trade forex, how to read trading signals, technical analysis, and market sentiment.
More than 5,000 traders have benefited from these courses, which have seen a success rate of around 97%.
The XOSignals app also has a feature. Here, users can follow top traders and see how they deal with various market conditions with just a click.
Traders can check the total pips won, win streak, and signals chosen.
This is another feature that helps educate traders and improve their trading strategy.
Free vs VIP Trading Signals
There are 2 types of accounts on the XOSignals trading signals app. The first is the basic plan, which is completely free of charge.
Even with the free version, traders can access a wide range of features, such as the dashboard, live feed, leaderboards, and win ratio.
The second type of account is the , which requires a monthly fee. Traders can lower the fee by subscribing for a longer period. With the VIP account, traders gain access to features such as:

  • Daily Market Signals
  • Long Term Strategy
  • Email Signals + Support
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Trading Objectives Review
  • Free Telegram Signals
  • 1-on-1 with XOSignals Head of Research
  • Mobile Access
  • US Stocks Analysis + Signals
  • CAC, DAX Stock Analysis + Signals
  • “Our team is constantly innovating and improving its offerings in line with real trader demands.” added Youssef A.
    XOSignal is a global trade signal provider for a wide range of financial instruments. Known for their high degree of accuracy, these trading signals are available for the forex, commodities, stocks, index and crypto markets.
    The XOSignals app backs the trade signals with sound technical analysis. With a successful track record of four years, the company has already garnered a user base of over 1 million traders.
    Whether it’s charts or technical indicators, a visitor can explore real-time data on the platform. The XOSignal team has created an ecosystem where anyone can learn to trade without expensive software, books or tuition. With a vision that’s set to a global and diverse audience, the company also offers auto-translation features on their website.
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