Leading Change – The Perspective of Transformation

The financial industry, over the past years, has continuously and consistently been experiencing changes in the way it operates, markets and interacts with clients.
We have seen changes from legislation to technology and customer behavior which has affected, and in some ways helped the industry adapt.
Brokers have evolved with an updated approach to their day to day operation, as well as short and long term strategies.
One of the companies that has undeniably done so, and in many ways revolutionised the industry with their products as well as technology, is Autochartist.
Starting from traditional trader tools to Marketing and Artificial Intelligence combined with Natural Language Generation, Autochartist is continuously evolving their products and services to respond to and meet the needs of an ever changing industry and trader. 
In this article Autchartist Founder and CEO, Mr Ilan Azbel, shares his outlook and point of view with us. 
Have you noticed any changes in demand for content in 2020 from brokers and how has this field evolved in recent years?
10 years ago, so-called “content” was limited to trading signals. But signals do little to extend a trader’s lifetime value. It is only natural that we continuously see a shift in brokers demands.
One of the first things we have noticed is that brokers are now realizing that the content funnels aimed towards conversion are completely different to the content aimed at retention or increasing life-time value. 
Content geared towards engagement and retention needs to be more personal and timely; based on asset classes, market conditions, and trading styles, in which traders have previously expressed interest.
Content for social media and other marketing channels has become more focused on automation and multi-language services that highlight market opportunities.
We also see a huge trend towards automation of content production and distribution. There are massive cost benefits to such a move. Brokers offering multi-asset trading are greatly benefiting from investing in such technology.
Traders consistently demand more from brokers, how does Autochartist stay ahead of competitors with its product suite?
The need for content is not driven by traders, but rather by the brokers themselves. With shrinking margins, and increased competition, brokers are under massive pressure to reduce customer acquisition costs and optimize engagement.
These types of business efficiencies are not achieved through better “trading signals”, but rather through cost effective production, personalization, and distribution of content through multiple channels.
In other words, effectively enhancing and leveraging communication touchpoints to offer a better customer experience. 
Although we truly believe in the quality, depth and breadth of our research, we pride ourselves even more on the fact that we have a piece of content that’s appropriate for every stage of a trader’s journey through the sales funnel, as well as any style of trading, risk tolerance, time of day and day of the week.
This empowers our brokers to communicate with their traders in a meaningful way, instead of simply spamming them with signals.
How can Autochartist help with targeted social media or content?
Social Media is a real thorn in brokers’ side; it costs money to produce unique content, it costs money to translate it, and it takes staff positioned globally in different time-zones to post it at the right time.
Having these pain-points in mind, it’s no surprise that our social media services have been one of our fastest growing business units.
Via our Social media tools we are able to offer our clients unique content production and automated distribution at a fraction of the price of human labor, while at the same time maintaining or sometimes even improving click-through and engagement rates. 
As a side note, we are very proud of the technology stack we’ve built to offer this service specifically.
The ability to monitor unique price feeds combined with our natural language engine gives us a massive head-start on our competitors like Dow Jones, Reuters, Bloomberg and the likes.
Are there any new product developments or launches on the horizon for Autochartist?
We have 3 new products we recently launched. 
Our research shows that one of the major causes of trader dormancy are large losses due to unexpected market volatility.
So our first new product revolves around risk mitigation content and tools specifically targeted to macro-economic news events.
We found this content significantly increases life expectancy of traders; especially in high leveraged environments.
The second, because many brokers are now offering stock trading on US markets, we have released localized fundamental stock analysis reports.
These reports look and feel like reports written by an analyst, but cost one-fifth of the price to produce.
But I am most excited about a new product called RAZR that was recently released by our sister company Delkos Research. RAZR allows brokers to efficiently personalize engagement at scale.
It allows for a customer-centric approach for achieving higher client lifetime value. It’s automated intervention for retention that connects the appropriate content and retention tools at the right time for traders, in the most critical stages in their lifecycle. 
Undeniably, the future belongs to those who invest in it. Autchartist develops products and services for the modern day brokerage who wants to stand out from the competition in an overcrowded marketplace. Invest in tools that matter.

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