Welcome to the Finance Magnates Virtual Summit!

The (FMVS) is officially underway, with a robust lineup of webinars, panels, interactive chatrooms and more at your disposal!
Are you having trouble logging in? Email us at: where our helpful staff are standing by.
The one-day virtual conference will remain open until 22:00 BST today. Unable to stay for the entire event or need to leave early? Don’t worry, all FMVS content will remain eligible for viewing for the next 30 days.
There are already thousands of attendees from around the globe all in one place, bringing together the brightest minds from across the industry.
If you have not already done so, feel free to look over our to catch actionable insights and in-depth discussions into the online trading, digital assets, fintech, and payments segments.
Here’s what is in store shortly:

  • 9:00 Moving the Goalposts: Sport Partnerships in Finance [Online trading Track]
  • 10:00 Keynote Interview with David Mercer: Building LMAX Group into a Leading Player in Global Capital Markets [Online Trading Track]
  • 10:30 State of The Crypto Nation [Digital Assets & Blockchain Track]
  • 11:45 Fintech for Good in the Post-COVID Economy [Fintech Track]
  • 12:45 Unleashing the Potential of Open Banking in Payments [Payments Track]
  • The FMVS gives you the most interactive experience, allowing you to network with others, explore exhibiting brands and converse with industry leading executives.
    FMVS Has Something for Everyone
    Whether this is your first virtual conference or you are already a veteran, make use of every opportunity to maximize your FMVS experience!
    No conference would be complete without some free goodies for attendees. Resources are available on the menu bar, filled with educational materials and exclusive offers. Add them to your individual swag bag.
    The first step for all attendees should be the Exhibition Hall where all individuals can familiarize themselves with exhibiting brands. Simply click directly on each brand’s booth where you can start talking to the booth representative directly.
    In addition, attendees can also head over to the Auditorium where each scheduled session will take place. Each session features live and interactive chats. Make your voice heard!
    The portal is designed to connect with the speakers directly and engage in insightful conversations.
    FMVS attendees can also make use of the Workshop Room, featuring sessions on-demand throughout the day. Watch them at your own pace!
    As a reminder, throughout the day, five icons will be hidden in the virtual exhibition hall and lobby. Collect them by clicking on them and join Spayz’s Scavenger Hunt lucky draw.
    Chat options are available in our dedicated chat rooms in Online Trading, Digital Assets, Fintech and Payments.
    These rooms will host moderated chats throughout the day and also serve as a place to find your target audience. As a reminder, this is the place to network, not to spam.
    These rooms will host moderated chats throughout the day and also serve as a place to find your target audience.
    An Award Ceremony Like No Other
    The FMVS will also unveil the winner of the prestigious Finance Magnates Awards in a ceremony at the end of the conference.

    As a special treat, this year’s ceremony will also be hosted by Maddox Dixon! From wowing judges on Britain’s Got Talent, to opening stadiums for Coldplay – Maddox Dixon will be bringing you the Digital Magic Experience.
    Don’t miss a minute of this interactive session as Maddox will reveal the winner in each of the 22 different categories, complete with hi-tech effects and mind-reading, making YOU part of the show! 
    Enjoy the FMVS from the comfort of your home and take advantage of the biggest event of this fall!

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