Tomorrow’s the Day! How to Make the Most Out of Your Summit Attendance

The most anticipated event of the fall is almost here, with the (FMVS) slated to kick off tomorrow. The one-day virtual conference will be open from 8:00-22:00 BST, featuring a packed slate of webinars, panels, interactive chatrooms, and more!
It is still not too late to be a part of the biggest virtual event of the year! If you have not already done so, head on over to the and sign up for your seat.
The FMVS covers all industry segments and has something for everyone. The detailed agenda will cover the online trading, digital assets, fintech, and payments space. Attendees can familiarize themselves with the .
Make the Most Out of Your FMVS Experience
Interact with other leading executives, thought leaders, and professionals from around the world to engage, learn, and also network on one platform.
Unsure of how to make the most out of your participation or new to the virtual conference scene? Make sure you make use of every opportunity to engage with other industry professionals.
Attendees can explore our interactive Exhibition Hall and familiarize themselves with all the exhibiting brands. Click directly on each brand’s booth where you can start talking to the booth representatives directly.
The Auditorium is where each scheduled session will take place, complete with live chat features. This is the place to connect with the speakers directly and engage in insightful conversations.
In addition, the Workshop Room will also include all sessions played on-demand, so you can watch them at your own pace throughout the day.
If you simply want to join the conversation about any interesting topics, then our Live Chatrooms are the place for you. Find the right audience in the dedicated chatrooms in Online Trading, Digital Assets, Fintech and Payments tracks!
These rooms will host moderated chats throughout the day and also serve as a place to find your target audience.
All Eyes on the Awards Ceremony
The FMVS will be capped off by the Awards Ceremony, revealing the winners of the Finance Magnates Awards for 2020. After three rounds of nominations and voting, it will be time to crown this year’s victors.

The ceremony will also be hosted by Maddox Dixon! From wowing judges on Britain’s Got Talent, to opening stadiums for Coldplay – Maddox Dixon will be bringing you the Digital Magic Experience.
Expect a mind-blowing interactive session as Maddox reveals the winner in every category, with hi-tech effects and mind-reading, making YOU part of the show!

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