ATFX Expands Product Offering with Toyota CFDs

Forex and CFD broker, ATFX announced the launch of Toyota Motor Corp (TYO: 7203) CFDs today, in an effort to meet the rising demand of its customers. The clients of ATFX can trade the price movements in Toyota stock.
The exclusively told Finance Magnates that many traders wanted to buy and sell shares of the Japanese automaker but they were uncertain about the trading as the manufacturer is listed in Japan.
According to the statement, newly launched Toyota CFDs will make it easier for its clients to trade from anywhere to take advantage of the price differences. Clients are not required to open an account in Yen to trade Toyota CFDs.
“By trading the CFD products provided by ATFX, you do not have to convert your account’s base currency into yen in order to buy and sell Toyota shares, since you can comfortably make such trades in your account’s base currency. CFD products make it easier for retail traders to access the stocks and other instruments traded by professional and institutional traders without being required to deposit the huge amounts that such traders use,” the official statement cites.
CFDs Expansion
Finance Magnates reported earlier this year about the launch of two at ATFX, Lloyds Banking Group & Tesco. The broker has expanded its product list with new offerings in order to meet the requirements of the clients. CFD trading has always been an important tool for traders to access the markets they find difficult to enter due to regulatory and margin requirements. “The margin requirements and account balances required by ATFX in order to trade Toyota CFDs are minuscule as compared to what a traditional broker would charge for access to international stocks. ATFX is planning to launch more CFD products in the future based on customer requests as parts of its mission to democratize access to the financial markets globally,” the company said in the statement.

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