David Silver Joins Coinfirm as Board Member

Coinfirm, blockchain analytics and anti-money laundering (AML) solutions provider announced today that David Silver, a well-known crypto recovery attorney in the US has joined Coinfirm as a member of its Board of Directors in the US.
According to the official , Silver joined the company to help defrauded investors recover their cryptocurrencies. With the latest step, Coinfirm aims to strengthen its ReclaimCrypto service launched in 2019.
The official release states that Silver filed a lawsuit in the US against a cryptocurrency exchange in 2014 and since then the Co-founder of Silver Miller has filed several lawsuits against major crypto platforms including Bittrex, Kraken, , Xapo and Poloniex.
Silver has years of experience in handling cases related to the financial sector and especially the crypto market. This new move will help Coinfirm establish a strong presence in the legal handling of cases related to digital assets.
Commenting on the matter, Silver said: “What I have learned in six years of crypto litigation is that ‘transparency’ means different things to different people. We only look to work with people and companies who want to expose fraud, and Coinfirm impressed me with its trailblazing analytics and ability to identify which exchanges’ public proclamations of compliance were not actually backed-up by full implementation of those policies.”
Safer Blockchain Economy
Confirm outlined that it is planning to work with different companies and individuals within the crypto community who expose wrongdoings, fraud, and security breaches. The also mentioned the importance of crypto litigation in order to mainstream digital assets. “Coinfirm deems Silver’s sterling reputation as a forerunner in the space as paramount to be strengthened for the benefit of creating a safer blockchain economy. There are millions of victims of crypto-related crime that need our help, and I know that with his experience, we can further expose bad actors.” Pawel Kuskowski, CEO of Confirm said in a statement.

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