Chris Hossain-Nelson Becomes Executive Director at GMI UK

Global Market Index Limited, more commonly referred to by its trading name , has promoted Chris Hossain-Nelson as the executive director, and he will continue to head eFX and CFDs client relations.
He joined the online leveraged forex trading provider in August 2018 and was the Global Head of institutional sales for eFX and CFDs before his recent promotion. According to his Linkedin profile, he manages a global team for GMI UK for FX and CFD and technology sales.

Chris Hossain-Nelson
Source: LinkedIn
“I am delighted to take up my position as Executive Director of GMI UK and will be focused on maintaining and building relationships with our partners,” Hossain-Nelson said.
Additionally, GMI UK promoted Zaid Alkhatib as another Executive Director from his previous position as Head of Operations and Compliance.
An Experienced Professional in the Forex and CFDs Industry
Based in London, Hossain-Nelson is well-known in the forex trading industry with over 25 years of experience in the industry.
Before moving to GMI UK, he spent over half-a-decade at . There, he was in a similar role and was the Vice President of institutional sales first and later promoted as the Head of Institutional Partnerships for FX, CFDs, and spread betting.
He also had a previous tenure at FXCM when he served as the brokerage’s Head of Retail Sales for over two years. At that time, he headed a team of around 20 staff and was responsible for an array of sales processes.
Hossain-Nelson started his career in the industry as a dealer with Nat West Stockbrokers before becoming an early staff member at financial services company, Selftrade. There, he served as an associate director for almost five years.
He further headed CFDs sales for Blue Index, an advisory CFD firm for retail investors where he oversaw its sales and trading teams.
Additionally, he launched and ran his own recruitment firm for a couple of years between his two tenures at FXCM and placed sales staff within the FX, spread betting, and CFD space.
“I am pleased to welcome Chris and Zaid to the GMI UK board as their extensive experience within the FX and CFD space will enhance our ability to continue to build on our success in providing liquidity and technology solutions to our institutional and retail brokerage client,” GMI UK CEO, Ashraf Ebiid added.

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