TradingView Appoints Ben Tidman to Head of Growth Marketing

TradingView recently announced that it has appointed Ben Tidman to Head of Growth Marketing.
Finance Magnates has learned that TradingView, one of the largest and most active trading communities on the web, has onboarded Ben Tidman to Head its Growth Marketing Division. Tidman, located in London, plans to escalate TradingView’s expansion across the globe.

Ben Tidman, Head of Growth Marketing, TradingView. Source: LinkedIn
Tidman is a marketing professional with fifteen years of experience in global B2C marketing. He has held several key positions in marketing, building successful global digital platforms, delivering sector-leading websites and digital experiences.
TradingView, where 8,000,000+ traders worldwide come together to analyze, discuss and trade the markets, is expected to benefit from Tidman’s broad experience as he will be able to lead its marketing team effectively in building successful global digital platforms, delivering sector-leading websites and digital experiences.
Tidman Leaves TDMN for New Pastures
Parallel to the new appointment at TradingView, TDMN Consulting has benefited from Tidman’s experience as a Digital Consultant. He has been fulfilling the post since June 2020 in Kent, England.
Prior to this, Tidman spent a large proportion of his career at IG Group in various key roles for more than twelve years. Having begun his career at IG as Financial Marketing Writer in February 2008, he moved quickly through the ranks. After only eight months, he was promoted to Senior Financial Marketing Writer. Though, after only six months he was fast-tracked to Head of Content where he successfully fulfilled the role over two years.
Later in January 2011, he moved up to Head of Content Strategy and spent just short of four years satisfying requirements. After that, he held the position of Special Project Manager for twenty months from late 2014.
Additionally, IG benefitted from his experience as Head of Websites over the following two years. From there, he took on the role of IG’s Head of Websites and Group SEO. Even though he stayed in the role a very short time, he obviously made an impact. Most recently, he served as its Head Of Strategic Marketing Solutions for nineteen months.

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