LegacyFX Launches PAMM Accounts

LegacyFX’s PAMM Accounts are a new tool in their arsenal of products geared towards boosting trading experience and performance.
Additionally, it will enable greater cooperation between proficient account managers and individual investors, while still maintaining LegacyFX’s extensive library of services and global presence in the industry.
In this dynamic business, we, as a company, understand the vigorous demands of our current and potential clients. Our vision is not limited to simply being a trustful brokerage but extends further to provide a respectable, dynamic, competitive, and vibrant trading environment. Our new PAMM Account system is another instrument in our arsenal to better assist us in achieving this goal with all our clients and partners.” stated Nikolay Petkov, Head of Dealing/Risk at LegacyFX.
What is PAMM?
PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module. PAMM Accounts overseen by a PAMM Money Manager and financed by individual Investors.
PAMM Accounts distribute the size and results of trades according to the percentage of an Investor’s contribution to the overall PAMM Account.
How is PAMM Beneficial?
For PAMM Money Managers, this program will allow them to significantly diversify their followings. The service will be offered to Managers who already have an existing client base and to individuals or Introductory Brokers who wish to build relationships with new clients.
LegacyFX hopes to provide Money Managers the needed flexibility to create their accounts according to their own personal preferences and requirements.
For Investors, LegacyFX’s PAMM Accounts is a hassle-free trading experience. Investors need only to rely on an experienced traders’ expertise, as their skill sets make garnering profits statistically higher than that of privately held accounts.
It is LegacyFX’s mission that this service will offer transparency between the Investor and the Money Managers, as it will allow for strict and thorough monitoring of the actions taken by the Money Manager as well as segregation between the accounts.
How can one join LegacyFX’s PAMM?
Currently, registration is available by submitting a request to .
About LegacyFX
Founded in 2017, LegacyFX is a worldwide leader in forex markets and CFD trading. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to provide its clients with the most advanced forex and CFD services, platforms, trades, positions, assets, and transactions.

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