SmartFX Launched New Gold Contracts For Bullion Traders

SmartFX, the retail commodity brokerage, has recently announced that it has launched specific contracts to hedge physical gold positions for bullion traders.
While the majority of retail FX brokers provide the opportunity to trade spot gold to their clients, SmartFX started offering the possibility of diversification of gold trading portfolio.
“From now clients are able to choose between 1 Kg Bars 995, 1 Kg bars 9999, TT Bars (10 Tola Bars), 1 Ounce bars, 32 Oz bars to hedge gold positions quoted in different weight units against the United States Dollar (USD)”, Mrs. Asha Rathore, Executive Director of SmartFX, commented.
Apart from the new gold instruments, there are more than 73 other trading instruments available for trading for SmartFX’s clients.
“With new gold instruments on our Smart Account we are covering all our clients’ needs. But there are no limits to improvement and it is an ongoing process, which is why we continue to polish our products and services for our beloved clients”, Mr. Arun Kumar, Managing Director of SmartFX, added.
SmartFX is proving to be a rapidly evolving commodity brokerage. The expansion of new gold contracts as trading instruments related to the market needs, as there is a growing demand from commodity traders.
The company is also famous for running its own Daily Technical Analysis on the most traded instruments and markets with its forecast on the price movements.
SmartFX is owned and operated by Smart Securities and Commodities Limited. Company is Regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commissions (VFSC) and Authorized to deal with securities with providing all kinds of financial services to their clients.
Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates. 

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