Libertex Teams Up with Tottenham to Demystify Trading and Empower Investors

The digital trading platform space is becoming increasingly competitive. The days of calling up your stockbroker are long behind us.
Online platforms now make it possible for millions to access the stock market and foreign exchange markets, 24/7, from the web or their smartphone.
In today’s crowded market, it’s no longer enough to simply offer a trading app. Consumers can afford to be picky, comparing rates and feature sets. But how many are really making informed decisions?
Wider accessibility comes with its own problems. It’s easier than ever to get into online trading, but gaining the skills that one needs to become a successful trader is another matter entirely.
For many users just dipping their toes into online trading, the lack of knowledge becomes an issue. They don’t know how the industry works or how to use trading orders and tools.
Charts can appear baffling, and the existing online communities full of impenetrable jargon and dubious influencers.
Only a few adopters of online trading platforms will overcome these barriers to fully benefit from market access. Many others will find it too intimidating and drop off, or worse, make rash decisions with their money.
That’s a lot of people who could have potentially enriched their lives with the extra money and security that successful investment can bring, but end up missing out.
So how will new investors make the most of the opportunity afforded by trading platforms? The most convincing answer comes, surprisingly enough, not from a fresh startup but rather a proven industry veteran, whose progressive new approach speaks to what real human beings actually want to get out of trading.
As interest in online trading booms amongst the opportunities created by the current pandemic, many new aspiring traders have flocked to the on both the iOS App Store and Google Play. But what is this broker doing to stand out from the crowd?
Trade for More: a finance titan leads the pack
For Libertex, an established broker in the online trading world, the way forward in digital trading should be firmly based on the key values of the digital sphere — transparency and information.
Under a proudly bearing the slogan ‘Trade for More’, championed by Tottenham Hotspur football club as brand ambassadors, Libertex is spearheading a bold new initiative to build an online finance platform that actually empowers its users.
Libertex is far from a newcomer to the finance sector. In fact, the company has been operating in financial markets for over 23 years and is well-known among insiders as the developers of the industry-renowned MetaTrader software platform, widely used by high-level professional traders.
Libertex can rightly be said to be a juggernaut of the trading world, but it’s a world that has so far been hidden to the wider public. That’s all about to change.
“We asked ourselves, is the user really signing up to trade? Or are they really looking to invest so that they can fulfil their goals?” said Libertex CMO Marios Chailis. “Trading can be enjoyable in itself, but what it’s really about is trying to achieve a better life. Maybe you have your eye on a trip, a new car, a comfortable retirement, or a nest egg for your children. This is what Trade for More means. We understand that when you invest in the market, you invest in yourself. The Libertex platform is about helping people achieve these things. We do that by offering the best service available, but also by building trust and knowledge.”
The Libertex online platform and smartphone app are proof of the industry veteran’s embrace of modern progressive values.
Both boast a sleek, user-friendly design, responsive operation, attractive rates, and a robust feature set. But it’s the commitment to education that makes Libertex really stand out from its competitors.
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Empowerment through education
Education and training are the essential foundation for success in many fields, so why should trading be any different?
The road from beginner to expert on Libertex begins with the platform’s series of written and video tutorials that start with the basics of Forex and stock trading, explain how to use the Libertex platform itself, and how to carry out a variety of trading orders.
Once you’ve got the basics down, there are also hour-long webinars that go into detail about specific topics, such as strategies for current market conditions or the impact of events such as COVID-19 or the US Presidential Election on the financial markets.
In a year where the relationship between the stock market and geopolitical events has never been so important, Libertex does an admirable job of equipping its user with the information they need to succeed.
Libertex can also be tried risk-free, thanks to a full-featured demo account that simulates trading under real market conditions.
Users can switch between real and demo accounts freely, which gives them the freedom to experiment and test what they’ve learned before investing.
Regular news updates on Libertex’s website also keep clients informed on the latest market trends.
A fully-fledged platform for beginners and professionals
Of course, all this high-minded talk of an educational mission wouldn’t amount to much without a robust feature set to back it up.
Fortunately, Libertex can also walk the walk. The experienced finance company has managed to keep ahead of its rivals when it comes to offering modern convenience. In 2020, the platform took home the Best Trading Platform awards from World Finance Magazine, Forex Report and European CEO.
Once you see the platform in operation, it’s easy to see why. Libertex is easy on the eyes and the mind. It’s easy to navigate and plainly lays out all the features and numbers.
Users can access over 240 financial instruments, including Forex, shares in major companies, indices, oil and gas, precious metals and more — everything one needs to build a diverse portfolio.
Stop loss and take profit orders are simple to execute. Zero spreads and up to 200x leverage mean that confident traders can bet big when they want to.
Built-in trading signals keep investors abreast of market trends, and transactions are processed quickly and with low commissions.
Even professional traders will find that Libertex offers everything they need to manage their assets effectively. Professional accounts are available, and Libertex even integrates into MetaTrader 4 for anyone who would prefer to dip into the latter’s advanced features while keeping Libertex’s cleaner UI and mobile convenience.
Channelling the sporting spirit
To bring its message of trading for more to the masses, Libertex has partnered with the legendary English football club Tottenham Hotspur FC. A partnership between a football club and a financial broker is hardly unusual these days, and it’s easy to tune out all the brands plastered over every kit and stadium.
But Libertex isn’t simply looking to leverage football’s popularity to push a logo in front of more eyeballs. Instead, the trading giant wants to tap into something more intangible and primal — that sporting spirit that builds a passionate community.
Tottenham Hotspur, whose Latin motto ‘Audere est Facere’ translates to ‘To Dare Is To Do’, embodies the same can-do spirit that Libertex champions with its ‘Trade for More’ slogan.
The star-studded team can boast such personalities as Gareth Bale, Jose Mourinho and Harry Kane, to name but a few. The fact that manager Mourinho and rivals Arsenal are involved with competing brokers could well lead to some sporting drama, too.
“Football fandom is the model for the community and competitive spirit we want to build in the finance world. We are the best at what we do and here to compete on a global level,” Libertex CEO Michael Geiger said in a statement. “In this, Libertex could not be happier to partner with a team whose values echo our own so perfectly”.
To share its love for the beautiful game with its users, Libertex is offering clients a suite of exciting perks. By participating in raffles and promotions on the Libertex platform, the lucky winners can enjoy the high life that befits the most daring.
These include VIP Private Suite Hospitality for Tottenham Hotspur’s home matches, Category 1 tickets for each home match, access to private tours and special events at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, signed kits and meet-and-greet events with Spurs players.
 To make a trading community as passionate as football fans is a tall order. Still, by focusing on what really matters — the difference trading can make in your life — and providing the educational tools to make all those charts and spreadsheets meaningful, stands more than a sporting chance.
Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates. 

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