Integral Reports Solid FX Volumes in October

FX Technology firm, Integral today that the average daily volumes (ADV) across all Integral platforms reached $43.8 billion in October 2020, an increase of 6.8% compared to September 2020.
Average daily volumes in October marked an increase of 20.3% compared to the same period in 2019. Integral reported the third consecutive month of ADV increase after posting solid numbers in August and September.

Reported ADV includes volume from all Integral platforms, including . Total monthly reported ADV numbers now represent total volumes across the entire liquidity network of the Integral Group.
Commenting on the growth of TrueFX, Harpal Sandhu, CEO at Integral, said: “TrueFX has made it possible for any participant irrespective of size to access primary sources of liquidity directly. The proposition of eliminating credit as a barrier to entry is an exciting development in FX and we are thrilled to see such high adoption of the service as participants seek increased accessibility to the markets in an organized, transparent, and low-cost manner.”
Execution Needs
Integral aims to meet the execution needs of key FX market participants including brokers, asset managers, hedge funds, and banks. Integral’s diverse range of platforms offers clients to trade different execution styles within an integrated environment. Integral introduced TrueFX to deliver an accessible and low-cost trading facility. The company also introduced Integral OCX, an ECN used by banks, brokers, and asset managers. According to the company, OCX is cross-connected with more than 250 liquidity sources. Growing numbers show a consistent increase in trading activity on all platforms owned by the company. TrueFX has been particularly beneficial for the company recently because of high adoption and low-cost offerings, making it one of the most preferred tools to fulfill the execution needs of the clients.
Last week, Integral extended its long-time partnership with to allow Refinitiv customers to continuously use Integral‘s price engine technology.

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