Liquidnet Expands into Provision of Investment Research

, an institutional trading and equities network, has expanded its business portfolio with the addition of Investment Analytics (IA) service as both adoption and investment in business and data analytics are reaching new highs.
The new suite is comprised of four products that move data analytics systems from strategic to operational applications, each tailored to a specific audience. Overall, it combines AI technologies such machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), extracting data directly from transactional systems, and other operational systems to uncover insights and alert users to factors influencing their investments.

explains that IA Trader helps equity traders by offering pre- and intra-trade analytics and alerts linked to their order pads and watchlists that require limited screen space. It derives compact stamp summaries combining market data, such as price, volume, and short interest, with data from related markets like credit default swaps (CDS) and implied volatility, with other market moving factors including fundamentals, news, and events.
The second product, IA PM, caters to risk management, portfolio monitoring and alpha generation needs of portfolio managers. Built on browser and a desktop application, , it combines market data, alternative data, research, corporate communications and other sources into one system for equity portfolio managers, analysts, data scientists and quants.
Meanwhile, IA RSRCHX forms another pillar of the IA product suite and supplies users with over 4 million real time, cloud-hosted, research reports from over 425 firms.
“Finally, IA APIs meets the growing demand from institutions wanting to directly ingest unique data and analytics. In addition to our IA Trader data, a core component of our IA API offering is Liquidnet’s central bank and equity sentiment scoring which uses ML and NLP to quantify language patterns, providing previously unavailable quantitative signals,” the company further states.
Liquidnet is known for operating dark pools that allow institutional investors to trade stocks anonymously. Since launching in September 2015, Liquidnet’s community of fixed income asset managers has grown to 1,000 asset management and hedge fund clients, who collectively manage $33 trillion in equity and fixed income assets. This growth has been fueled by members’ ability to trade in institutional size with an average execution of $2.4 million.
Additionally,  has been expanding its portfolio by buying more AI and alternative data offerings. The first step was the acquisition of  in 2017, followed by RSRCHXchange and Prattle in 2019.
Last week, TP ICAP confirmed plans to acquire Liquidnet in a proposed deal that values the US broker between $600 million and $700 million.

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