, a pioneer in financial trading technology for over a decade, has revolutionized the concept of the FX brokerage technology by introducing a truly unified solution fit to adapt to the ever evolving needs of brokers with last year.
As an all-in-one modular trading support platform, YOONIT had a big impact on the industry, giving brokers around the globe the flexibility to build a YOONIT to meet their own unique needs, centralizing business operations into one dashboard, all while keeping costs down, efficiency up and helping brokers to better serve their clients.

What’s New in V2.0
In extensive works for a year, YOONIT V2.0 boasts an impressive, sleek new interface design with dark, light, and fusion themes to choose from.
Major improvements to the technology infrastructure now give you an even smoother, more responsive experience, with less processing time. All modules are centralized into one portal, creating a more unified platform now complete with and Bonus Automation modules.
The portal comes with a highly improved CRM functionality, including more intuitive email template settings, system notifications, added languages, and is fully configurable and customizable, granting Brokers more access and flexibility to finetune user permissions and rights, minimizing the dependency on the provider.
With the added Tasks tab, you can assign tasks according to priority, status, and with notes integrated, keeping your team working more effectively and efficiently.

It’ll make your Risk and Compliance teams happy, your Back Office and Operations more productive, and get your Sales and Marketing departments on top of their game.
By popular demand, profit sharing and commissions for Signals was added to MAM/PAMM module under Copy trading function, incentivizing signal providers by giving them extra revenue stream.
Additionally, different allocations can be applied to individual investors under one MAM profile, with added improvements to performance fee functionality. Auto-link function is now also available in both MAM and IB/Affiliate modules.
Centralize Your Operations
Gone are the days of switching between incompatible and oftentimes inconsistent trading system solutions to get a job done.
YOONIT is integrated with both MT4 and MT5 and can be connected to multiple servers or white labels, keeping your entire operation running smoothly. It acts as a single interface where various departments come together and perform harmoniously.
Assign user access rights, licenses and roles, and let each member of your team extract what they need from their dashboard, all the while maintaining control over your resources.
The updates made to V2.0 now mean you also have more flexibility in managing the team access, leaving you less reliant on PLUGIT and able to get all team members onboarded faster than ever before.
Categorize client segments into pools, each with its own rules applied, e.g. KYC requirements by location/jurisdiction. Designate trading conditions to clients based on an account type, including leverage, currency, and so forth.
Get More from Your Data
Make informed business decisions with advanced reporting, now available with even more complex and detailed breakdowns, giving you a clearer picture of both your financial and operational activity.
Paired with in-depth reporting capabilities, advanced trade analysis, and comprehensive operation logs all available directly within your dashboard – this will let your data speak for itself. Never miss a single piece of information about both your clients and prospects alike.
Give your Sales team an edge with the Lead tracking functionality to better understand where your traffic and referrals come from. There’s a story in your data and YOONIT can help you extract it.
Payments and Security
Your clients benefit from the enhanced fund safety of the Wallet function, making deposits quick and easy so that no market opportunities are missed because of payment delays. YOONIT can also be integrated with different PSP solutions with very little lag time, enabling you to cater to a global audience and their ever-changing needs.
It’s Even Easier to Set Up
With a maximum delivery turnaround of just three days, you can have a fully customized, up and running dashboard before the week is up.
The new Workflow Wizard can also help you set up each module to suit your individual needs and preferences. There is also 24/7 support available when you need it most, so you are never left waiting when you need help, and neither are your clients.
Scale your YOONIT as your business needs to evolve and let your technology work for you, with even more features and new exciting updates coming along the way.
If you’re after a powerful and feature-rich solution that caters to the different departments of your brokerage, to explore your options, or request a demonstration of YOONIT.
Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates. 

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