NAGA Group Recruits Veteran FX Analyst Andreas Thalassinos

NAGA Group, a German-based broker focusing on social trading, has appointed Andreas Thalassinos as Director of Education.
He brings nearly two decades of experience in financial market research, having made thousands of presentations while authoring webinars, educational content, and other columns.

Mr. Thalassinos is a certified technical analyst recognised by the International Federation of Technical Analysts in the USA and the Society of Technical Analysts in the UK, being awarded MFTA and CFTe distinctions.
In 2008, he founded FXWizards, an educational company specialised in forex trading. He also authored a long series of ebooks on the key principles of technical analysis and is currently travelling around the globe giving seminars as a guest speaker in forex conferences.
As part of this appointment, he will lead the team of financial analysts to further enrich the brand’s existing suite of resources, while leading the development of . Mr. Thalassinos will add to the library seminars, webinars, articles and eBooks.
Thalassinos is also an active advocate of algorithmic trading, adding the development of hundreds of automated systems, technical indicators, and trading tools.
Having discussed and analysed the company’s client profile and expansion plans, Thalassinos is now working on some new future products and projects, aiming to guide through educational materials.
Speaking about his new partnership with NAGA, Mr. Thalassinos said: “It’s a great pleasure to be welcomed to such a forward-thinking team. NAGA is truly more than a brokerage, it is a network of like-minded individuals brought together and driven by one goal: to make trading better and easier. My team of technical analysts and I are 100% invested in it. I am delighted to be part of NAGA and look forward to pushing the boundaries of trading together.”
NAGA Group AG’s CEO and founder, Benjamin Bilski also added: “We have great future plans not only in terms of technology development but also in terms of expanding our educational offering to our clients. And Mr. Thalassinos is here to light our way and share his great knowledge and teachings with our trading community, and help position NAGA as the go-to trading and trading education venue providing traders with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the financial investing space.”

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