Coincheck Launches Virtual Shareholder Meeting Service Sharely

Coincheck, Inc. announced this Thursday that it has officially launched its virtual shareholder meeting support service, Sharely, today.
In response to , which has forced most people to work from home, including shareholders, Coincheck starting looking into a virtual shareholder meeting service in June of 2020.

Coincheck research for Sharely commenced in June 2020
In the three months since commencing this journey, the crypto exchange that’s part of the Monex Group succeeded in designing a service plan and developed the necessary systems. According to the statement published today, several listed companies have decided to implement Sharely already.
“Sharely is a comprehensive virtual shareholder meeting support service that enables companies to easily hold and shareholders to easily participate in online shareholder meetings,” Coincheck said in its statement today.
In addition to providing a cloud system which facilitates remote attendance and participation types of shareholder meetings, the service can also create scenarios for shareholder meetings, the company said, as well as make proposals regarding meeting management methods.
As part of its research into the shareholder meeting service, in July of this year, Coincheck conducted a survey of more than 400 listed companies, asking them about their thinking when it comes to virtual shareholder meetings.
Out of these 400 listed companies, 16 per cent of the total, and 6 per cent of IT/telecommunications companies responded that they weren’t offering a virtual platform for their upcoming shareholder meetings.
“By helping companies to easily and smoothly hold virtual shareholder meetings, Coincheck hopes to make shareholder meetings more accessible and familiar, and in turn, create an impetus for more people to begin asset management and investing,” the crypto exchange added.
Today’s announcement follows a from Coincheck, as the exchange continues to bolster its offering, following its hack in 2018. As , the company is currently working towards realising the first initial exchange offering (IEO) in Japan.

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