Property Investment: How To Sell A House As Is And Avoid Repairs

The process of selling is time-consuming and sometimes can take away money from your pocket. To get your house ready, it may take several thousand dollars and plenty of supervision time. Selling your house ‘as is’ eliminates the need for repairs. Essentially, this means that the buyer is purchasing based on the current condition of the house.
Moreover, if you’re selling your house due to financial difficulty, you have very little resources available to improve the value of the house. Due to the little preparation time available, property investors and homeowners can use this option as a faster way to dispose of their houses.
Below are some tips on how to sell a house as is and avoid repairs.

  • Focus On Home Improvements
  • Selling to a cash buyer like Offer House is easily the fastest way to sell a home as is. You don’t need to list your home since you’re selling off market. You also don’t need to do any improvement or repair work, since most cash buyers actually rundown homes that they can remodel and resell.
    However, if you’re still planning to list your home, a good curb appeal or visual impression is a crucial aspect to consider to attract buyers. As opposed to repairs where you could spend considerable sums of money, focus on home improvements that can improve curb appeal. These involve little DIY exercises, cleaning, and general organization which takes little to zero monetary investment.
    Below is a breakdown of what you can do quickly to enhance the value of your home:

  • Declutter: After years of living in a house, you’ll find plenty of items lying in shelves, in the garage, and other rooms. Spend some time to clear up toys, old bikes, packaging materials, old clothes and unnecessary tools from the house. Decluttering helps the buyer envision themselves in the house. It will also allow you to take better photos of your home.
  • Clean: Spare a few dollars to organize a comprehensive clean-up of your home, including the floor, walls, pavements, all surfaces, and beneath all types of furniture. This will eliminate all kinds of odors, improve the experience of buyers during a property walk-through, and ensure better images for your online listings.
  • Improve outdoor appeal: Find areas you can improve by spending little money and without taking too much of your time. If you have a lawnmower, trim the grass short. You could also do weeding, garden levelling, removal of old plants, and mulching.
  • Conduct A Home Inspection Before Listing
  • Whether you’re planning to sell to a cash buyer like Time Worthy Property Solutions or selling on the market, getting a home inspection is a good idea. An inspection offers you an objective basis when negotiating with potential buyers. The report will give you a detailed report on areas like the plumbing system, HVAC system, the condition of the floor, any maintenance requirements and the repair estimates needed to restore its value.
    Without an inspection report, you can be easily lured in by a disadvantageous deal With an inspection report, you can speed up the selling process and get a fair offer.

  • Price Your House Realistically
  • The ease of selling your house is directly proportional to how reasonable and competitive your price is. The price set should capture the value of repairs and improvements needed. You can work with professional valuer to help you incorporate the inspection report and market value, and leave a margin for negotiation.
    If you set the price too low, you could easily lose out; and because buyers have to negotiate, a high price can easily deter potential buyers.

  • List Your House
  • After setting a fair price, it’s time to get the house in the market. Look for a good photographer to capture quality images of your house. While listing your house, make sure you have the price, good-quality images, and a detailed description of the house ready.
    You can list your house through:

  • Social Media– Social media platforms have inbuilt solutions like groups or sponsored posts which you can utilize to reach potential buyers.
  • E-commerce Sites– Look for local e-commerce sites that allow members of the public to list their houses for sale. To enhance the speed of the transaction, ensure you include all important details and information about the condition of the house.
  • Negotiate and Close the Sale
  • Closing a sale involves a site visit, price negotiation, and the documentation of the contract of sale agreement. You can minimize delays by disclosing crucial details like a faulty electrical system or other aspects that affect the value of the house.
    Be open to lowering the price or making slight changes to the initial offer based on the buyer’s impression of the house.
    The process of selling a house as is requires careful consideration of repairs estimates and setting a fair price. Selling to a cash buyer is the fastest and easiest way to do this. However, if you’re selling on the market, low-cost tasks like decluttering, taking good photos, and getting a home inspection can considerably increase the property’s value.
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