Japanese Securities Brokers to Start Offering Monex Activist Fund

Monex Asset Management, Inc. announced this Monday that a number of Japanese online securities companies will begin selling the Monex Activist Fund starting from today.
The Monex Activist Fund aims to raise the corporate value of listed companies and pursue higher investment returns through active engagement. The fund for public offering by the online Japanese broker of the Monex Group – Monex, Inc.

On the 10th of June, the Fund had its first public offering by the Japanese brokerage and began operations on the 25th of June 2020. Today, Rakuten Securities, Inc. will begin sales of the Fund.
On the 21st of August SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd will start offering the Fund, followed by au Kabucom Securities Co., Ltd. on the 28th of August this year, and Matsui Securities Co., Ltd. at the end of the month on the 31st of August. 
The publicly offered investment trust fund is managed by Monex Asset Management and is based on investment advice from the wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan Catalyst, Inc.
Rakuten Securities to offer Monex Activist Fund from today
“To encourage sustainable growth in companies, the Fund will conduct engagement that is long-term, ongoing and beneficial for both investors and companies alike with an emphasis on contributing to the long-term performance goals of Japanese individual investors. In this sense, we believe the Fund’s efforts can be coined, ‘Activist 2.0.’,” Monex Asset Management said in its statement today.
The investments made by the fund are primarily in Japanese companies that are undergoing a transformation. The Fund is part of Monex’s attempts to activate the country’s financial markets.
“Selection of investment target companies will be based on thorough, bottom-up research and focused on Japanese companies that are trying to undergo transformation. Through effective engagement, the Fund will strive to create, raise and unleash corporate value,” Monex Asset Management said today.

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