Eurex Reports Week Derivatives Demand for July

Eurex, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Börse Group, has published its monthly volumes on Monday, showing a decline across all classes of derivatives products in July on a year-on-year basis.
The exchange pointed out that the European equity derivatives took the worst hit with a year-on-year decrease of 23 percent in the monthly volume.

For the entire derivatives market, including European equity index derivatives and European interest rate derivatives, witnessed a total year-on-year decrease of 13 percent with a monthly volume of €1.12 billion, compared to €1.3 billion in the same month the previous year.
According to the exchange, the ongoing uncertainty in dividend pricing is a challenge in the market.
Notably, in June the European exchange reported excellent figures almost across all sectors. Month-on-month, the total derivatives market decreased by 41.6 percent.
OTC market remained positive overall
However, coming to the over-the-counter (OTC) clearing market, most of the reported numbers were .
The average daily cleared volumes decreased by 13 percent in July to €99 billion, compared to the previous year’s same month’s figure of €114 billion, because of the reduced volumes in Forward Rate Agreements. 
The notional outstanding volumes for the OTC market went up by 53 percent, while the interest rate swaps remained a solid performer with an increase in the average daily cleared volumes by 27 percent year-on-year.
In the repo market, Eurex’s business grew to €86.9 billion of average term-adjusted volume, growing 37 percent year-on-year.
The Eurex commodities market, however, echoed the derivatives segment and witnessed declines across all major product suite.
Meanwhile, Eurex is going to (OGBX) next month, thus offering hedging and trading opportunities at the very long end of the interest rate curve.

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