Gallant Exchange Secures Bob Cavnar as its Chief Strategy Officer

Gallant Exchange announced this week that it has managed to secure Bob Cavnar, the former president of Mercantile Global Holdings, Inc., as its Chief Strategy Officer.
The appointment of Cavnar comes less than a month after the , the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Nasdaq Futures Exchange as its President.

Mercantile Global Holdings is the parent company of the San Juan Mercantile Exchange. Cavnar is a longstanding senior executive in both the energy and technology industries. He has more than three decades worth of experience in C-suite roles.
Bob Cavnar brings extensive experience to Gallant Exchange
During his career, he has held chairman, director, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer and president positions. His experience ranges across strategy, startups, financial structures, capital markets, governance, corporate transactions, and now to Gallant Exchange.

Bob Cavnar, Chief Strategy Officer, Gallant Exchange
Source: LinkedIn
Commenting on his new role, Bob Cavnar, Chief Strategy Officer, Gallant Exchange said in the statement: “I am very pleased to join a dynamic, innovative company that combines the technology of digital assets with the excitement of global sports. We are bringing corporate best practices to the company as we build a singularly unique platform in the digital asset ecosystem.”
Gallant Exchange is a retail trading platform listing many sports-based cryptocurrencies. The platform was built to support the trading of Athlete Memorabilia Coins (AMCs) in addition to large digital assets. AMCs are minted on the ERC20 protocol and are available to trade on the exchange.
Rick Beaman, President of Gallant Exchange
Source: LinkedIn
“I am very excited to welcome Bob onboard to the Gallant Exchange as the Chief Strategic Officer.  Bob brings with him 30 years of executive experience and a deep passion for business startups, turn arounds, and most recently as the President of Mercantile Global Holdings,” added Rick Beaman, President, Gallant Exchange in the statement.
Cavnar joins Simon Grunfeld, the CEO of Gallant Exchange. As , Grunfeld commenced the leading role earlier this month. Previously, he was principal at Gallant Partners. To head the exchange, Grunfeld left his position of strategic partnerships position at Apifiny after spending over a year there.

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