Introducing Axiory Intelligence, an Independent Market News-Provider

is the newest company to take the fintech world by storm. An independent, dedicated, market news portal for traders, investors, and all financial enthusiast, Axiory Intelligence was established by global fintech company Axiory.
Axiory Intelligence is based in Singapore, one of the world’s most prominent financial hubs within close proximity of many tier-1 financial institutions.

The news portal is designed to offer a space for traders to rely on up-to-date, fast, and relevant content to stay informed on global markets.
On the website, viewers can find video updates, webinars, articles, technical analyses, chart analyses, general market information, NFP watch, and more.
Axiory Intelligence was established when Axiory’s broker, , observed that when it comes to making trading decisions, traders’ preferred information, and news updates over any other trading tools.
With a team of experts and analysts on hand, Axiory developed the independent, dedicated market news and analysis provider.
Axiory strongly believes that information and education are the right tools to help traders move in the right direction, and Axiory Intelligence serves as part of its mission to enhance traders’ overall experience in the industry.
Based on this mission, the news provider is designed with the trader in mind, from the interface, viewer journey, type of information provided, and market alerts.
Everything is designed to allow traders to swiftly find relevant information when they need it.
More importantly, the team behind Axiory Intelligence comes from a trading background; from its CEO and Director Tomasz Wisniewski to every analyst, market researcher, and educator. Simply put, Axiory Intelligence is by traders, for traders.

Axiory CEO and Director Roberto d’Ambrosio
Axiory Intelligence is more than just a news provider; it is a space created by traders for traders, and this entire initiative orbits around this principle. Our brokerage, Axiory Global has always been an integral part of the trading industry and we’ve boasted a fantastic team of specialists. Axiory Intelligence is an extension of our experience in the market and the ideal complement to the core values of Axiory: fairness, transparency, care for all stakeholders, traders being the most important. Hence the decision to create an independent, unbiased team of financial markets’ experts, which will operate in a fully dedicated environment, providing the general public with unique quality content and education. We truly believe that it is our duty as market practitioners to help the industry grow in a sustainable way, and independent research and quality education are key to achieve such a goal” Axiory CEO and Director Roberto d’Ambrosio commented about this new development.
The news portal will serve as a trader’s guide for making informed decisions based on the latest news, releases, and many factors that can affect price movements.
Axiory Intelligence, as an independent source of market analysis and education, is accessible across the globe without any subscription or fees at .
Users can also follow Axiory’s social media channels for daily market updates and videos as well.
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