BUX Zero Continues European Expansion, Launches in France

As part of its continued European expansion, BUX announced this Monday that it has officially launched its , BUX Zero, in one of the region’s largest economies – France.
According to the company’s statement seen by Finance Magnates, the launch represents the first neobroker of its kind entering into the French market. It is also the third country launch for BUX in 2020.

BUX Zero European expansion
As , earlier this year BUX Zero officially launched in Germany and Austria, after already having established itself within nine European countries and 2.5 million users.
The BUX Zero app is tailored for both experienced investors, as well as beginners. The trading app is powered by its own back-end broker. In addition to entering new markets, the app has been expanding its product range, by adding and .

Nick Bortot, the CEO and Founder of BUX
Commenting on the launch, Nick Bortot, Founder & CEO said in the statement: “We believe that anyone can become an investor, and BUX Zero has created a humanized investing experience for a new generation of investors in Europe. 
“Buying and selling shares should be simple and affordable, and we’re looking forward to making BUX Zero’s seamless experience available to French users. We are proud to announce that we have become the largest neobroker in Europe and we look forward to bringing the benefits of BUX Zero to many more European markets.”
Earlier this month, BUX also released a new feature for its commission-free trading app – BUX Zero, Stories. This feature allows customers to stay up to date with the latest market updates and follow new developments to the app.
According to the statement from the company, BUX plans on continuing its expansion across Europe, with more country launches planned for the remaining of this year and into 2021.

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