Instant Broker Solution – Off the Shelf FX Business from Match-Trade Technologies

Entrepreneurs have long been looking for a way to do business that would no longer require a lot of commitment or a significant investment at the beginning.
The one that starts generating profits after only a few months and would be pandemic-proof so it can develop even in times of crisis.

This solution has just appeared in the forex industry. Match-Trade Technologies, an experienced technology provider, has recently introduced to its offer – off-the-shelf forex business.
It is a comprehensive package of services and tools (including trading technology) that gives novice brokers a fully functional and automated brokerage.
Transparent rules for settling profits will allow you to estimate at what time after meeting certain conditions, the investment will pay off, and the Broker will start earning.
There are no hidden costs, offered solution is complete and does not require any additional elements.
What’s included in the Instant Broker package:

  • Business incorporation with relevant permits and a bank account for withdrawals
  • Modern trading software – Match-Trader – trading platform (web, mobile and desktop)
  • Integrated Client Office / Trader Room – forex CRM allowing to manage all of the clients’ activities in one place and in a fully automated way
  • Payment Gateways – seamlessly integrated with Client Office and embedded in the platform guaranteeing instant deposits to trading accounts
  • Forex and crypto liquidity connection in package (no minimum monthly fee)
  • A professional website with registration forms integrated with Client Office to increase the conversions for open trading accounts
  • Becoming a forex broker was never easier. How does it work? Match-Trade Technologies has long been functioning as one-stop-shop for forex brokers.
    Because the current market situation has made customers more cautious about opening a new business, the products and services have been combined into one package and are now sold as off-the-shelf forex business.
    This way, the entire responsibility for starting a business remains with the technology provider. The customer can focus on building a network of contacts and acquiring customers.
    Such a ready-made broker business is an entirely new level of turnkey solutions for brokers.
    “Nowadays, brokers value comfort and speed of action. We combine experience in the forex industry and high IT competence offering our clients bespoke solutions. This is how we have created . It was based on the requirements of modern traders. Therefore it does not have separate systems for desktop and mobile. In our platform, all data synchronizes across the web, desktop and mobile in real-time. Meaning that the trader always sees the same information, regardless of the device on which he logs into the platform”- says Michael Karczewski, COO at Match-Trade Technologies
    Single trading system, accessed from different devices is not just a convenience for traders. This solution allows the Broker to have his own branded application.
    Another solution that has already been appreciated by Match-Trade Technologies customers is Client Office embedded in the platform allowing traders to manage the account on their own.
    The trader can open a live account and make a deposit. The transferred funds will immediately appear on the trading account – without the Broker’s interference.
    It is a truly modern solution that distinguishes this platform from other popular platforms among traders such as cTrader, xStation and others. It simply offers more possibilities to both brokers and traders.

    “This is Match-Trader’s most significant advantage. It is much more than a trading platfor;, it is a whole system of related applications allowing to automate most processes. Instead of administering, the Broker can focus on developing business” – adds Sargis Manukyan, Head of Broker Solutions at Match-Trade Technologies
    Brokers who decide to take the Instant Broker offer will also appreciate its financial terms. The entire system was developed in-house by Match-Trade Technologies and is sold first-hand therefore it can be offered at a very attractive price.
    Also, there are several payment methods (including crypto payment via credit card or wire transfer) already integrated with the system, so the Broker does not have to incur any additional costs.
    Even from startup Broker’s point of view, such a business is very stable, especially if Broker chooses A-Book execution, where earnings and all costs can be predicted in advance.
    There is a variety of different, turnkey solutions available on the market. What’s worth focusing on are those offering business efficiency.
    Customers who bet on an experienced technology provider offering smart solutions will get a business that will bring profits for many years.
    Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates. 

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