Charles Schwab Announces Action on Google Integration

US-based financial services provider Charles Schwab announced today an integration with Google, allowing Google Assistant users to access certain Schwab account and portfolio updates across multiple devices through voice-enabled technology.
To enable Schwab’s Action on Google, Schwab clients are guided through a quick, simple configuration process, the firm explained.
In just a few minutes, they can follow on-screen prompts through the “Finance” section of Google Account settings where they will input Schwab credentials, consent, and choose accounts to link. The integration does not currently enable brokerage transactions.

“Hey Google, check my Charles Schwab portfolio”
Schwab’s Action on Google allows Schwab clients to track portfolio performance. With a simple request such as, “Hey Google, check my Charles Schwab portfolio,” clients can get real-time updates on how their portfolio is performing.
They can also review account information and ask Google for updates around any linked Schwab account or account type with a prompt such as, “Hey Google, how are my Schwab retirement accounts doing?”
Additionally, clients can ask Google for updates, such as trade price or volume, on specific stocks in their portfolio.
Easier investing and planning for Schwab clients
Schwab’s Action is available to clients through multiple Google Assistant devices such as the Google Assistant app for iOS users, Google Nest, and other smart speakers and Smart Displays
“We are committed to increasing access to investing for every client with a focus on making both investing and planning easier, more modern, and more approachable,” said Zack Gipson, senior vice president at Schwab Digital Services.
“Consumers today expect the brands they do business with to be available whenever and wherever needed, and how they invest should be no different,” Gipson added.

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