Kabu Joins the List of Brokers to Report FX Rebound in June

After recording an overall declining trend since March, Kabu, an online securities brokerage, has published much more positive metrics in June, seeing an uptick across the board, including foreign exchange (forex)
As , back in March, Kabu posted solid metrics during the month, boosted by , which has given the trading markets a new sense of life. 

However, in May, largely reported a drop in its metrics, following the declining trend which was also witnessed in April. However, according to data published by the broker, June has seen a recovery.
OTC FX posts MoM recovery in June on Kabu
In particular, the over the counter (OTC) FX monthly trading value in June was ¥2.87 trillion. This represents an increase of 38.5 per cent against May, which noted a monthly value of ¥2.07 trillion.
June’s volume is the strongest monthly result achieved since March. Nonetheless, it is still dwarfed by the monthly trading value achieved during peak , which was ¥5.1 trillion. June’s OTC FX value is also lower than what was achieved in January and February of 2020.
The monthly trading value of stocks posted in June by Kabu, however, is actually close to that achieved in March. In June, the broker saw a total value of ¥3.1 trillion, as opposed to the ¥3.2 trillion value in March.
On a monthly comparison, June’s value is higher by 29.3 per cent when measured against the previous month (¥2.4 trillion). Besides March, it is the strongest monthly trading value achieved this year.
The futures monthly trading value has also seen a recovery in June. Rising from ¥2.7 trillion in May to reach ¥4.0 trillion in June, which translates to a growth of 49.8 per cent. Over the course of 2020, June’s value is the third strongest, behind March and then February, which also saw solid volatility in the last week.

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