Thousands Attend Virtual Vision Finance: Registration Free for 30 Days

Yesterday, thousands of market participants from all four corners of the globe attended the Virtual Vision Finance event – using the opportunity to network and learn more about the fintech space. 
Created out of the need to have an international industry event, but limited by lockdown and social distancing measures, Virtual Vision Finance enabled industry participants to meet up, converse and share ideas, all from the comfort of their homes.

But, don’t worry if you missed out – you can still enjoy the perks of this industry event – for the next 30 days – for free!
Thousands attend Virtual Vision Finance
There were hours upon hours of insightful content, live virtual panels, fireside chats and workshop sessions with live Q&A and polls hosted by some of the biggest names in finance and fintech. Overall, – over 15,000 booth visits, 8,000 documents were viewed and 3,000 videos displayed from the booths were viewed.
However, it’s not over! Unlike a physical event – if you missed out on attending on the day – you can still access all of the insightful content, panels and more!
All you need to do is and you will have access to all of this content for the next 30 days. Better yet, the event is completely free to attend!
What was discussed?
COVID-19 has dramatically changed the fintech space within such a short period of time. What impact will the virus have on the space? What’s next – all of these topics and so many more were discussed at the Virtual Vision Finance event.
Want to know what’s next in Asia, how the cryptocurrency space will forever change as a result of the pandemic, what some of the leader’s of the FX and CFD space had to say on the current situation?
Watch hours of top quality, insightful content and enjoy what thousands benefited from already, free for the next 30 days.

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