Societe Generale Luxembourg Selects Execution Analytics of big xyt

big xyt announced this Tuesday that the Luxembourg operations of , a multi-specialist bank, has implemented its Execution Analytics in order to provide trading performance analytics to the bank’s clients.
big xyt is . The company normalises sources of data and delivers it to its clients via web-based user interfaces or APIs.

The data analytics company’s platform, transforming TCA with data science, provides the French bank with the latest innovation in smart data analytics, the company said. The ultimate aim of the platform is to target reduced transaction costs.
The service acts similar to transaction cost analysis (TCA) providing traders with the ability to assess historical trading data with comparisons of liquidity providers and data visualisation technology.

Mark Montgomery, Head of Strategy and Business Development at big xyt
Source: LinkedIn
Commenting on the announcement, Mark Montgomery, Head of Strategy and Business Development at big xyt said in the statement: “We are delighted to be adding Societe Generale Luxembourg to our portfolio of buy-side clients who have the seen the value in our flexible and independent offering. 
“This initiative enables both firms to collaborate on the integration of new methodologies, creating a better understanding of the complexity of Societe Generale Luxembourg’s interactions in a constantly evolving landscape.”
big xyt has clients across exchanges, market makers, sell and buy-side firms using its analytics products. Under the agreement, by leveraging big xyt’s consolidated view of the marketplace, Societe Generale Luxembourg can measure and benchmark their executions.
big xyt partners with Aquis Exchange
Earlier this year in April, a similar partnership was announced between big xyt and pan-European equities exchange Aquis Exchange. As reported, the exchange implemented Liquidity Cockpit to support market structure analytics used internally by the exchange and for their clients.
By applying data science and advanced techniques to execution analytics, Liquidity Cockpit delivers a unique range of market overviews and individualised comparison reports to the team at Aquis Exchange.

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