Refinitiv Launches New Version of Matching for Ukrainian FX Traders

Refinitiv today announced that it has launched a new version of Refinitiv Matching for Foreign Exchange (FX) traders specifically designed for Ukraine.
Refinitiv Matching offers real-time credit screening, enhanced price discovery, concentrated liquidity and efficient execution for FX traders.

The firm said that this market Central Limit Order Book offers a new level of operation for FX traders.
Refinitiv Matching is standardised and suited to the Ukrainian local market conditions. The upgraded version includes the integration of new features that meet emerging client and market demand. Refinitiv Matching offers users access to deeper liquidity pools, increases market participation, enhances price discovery, and helps regulators maintain a fair and transparent marketplace. Refinitiv Matching will offer users in Ukraine the ability to explore liquidity sources, benchmark trades, and develop systematic FX trading strategies.
“This launch is a much-needed step that contributes to fulfilling customer’s needs. The implementation of this flexible approach is a step forward in the development of the Forex market of Ukraine,” Ihor Sarnatsky, chief trader at Sberbank Ukraine, said.
Automating and digitizing FX trading workflows in the Ukraine
“We are excited to be launching a new version of Refinitiv Matching specifically designed for Ukrainian needs. Our collaboration with the central bank and local banks marks a key milestone in automating and digitizing FX trading workflows in the country. Our customers will now benefit from an end-to-end automated workflow, such as accurate price discovery, certainty of execution and automated reporting,” Antonio De Gregorio, managing director for Central and Eastern Europe at Refinitiv, noted.
“The trust and active collaboration of the central bank and the banking community in Ukraine will contribute to a cost-effective and transparent interbank execution. This will open the path for further innovation in the FX trading realm,” De Gregorio added.
Refinitiv said that in a market where finding liquidity and credit is always a challenge, Matching provides an efficient venue for FX Traders. Since its launch in 1992, Spot Matching has evolved over time to cater for the needs and requirements of both manual and API based trades establishing it as the trusted primary venue across Commonwealth, Scandinavian, Asian, and emerging market pairs.
Forward Matching is a trading segment of the Refinitiv MTF, regulated under MiFID II rules. It offers market leading FX Swaps liquidity. Today, Spot Matching can be used to access market leading liquidity with a global client and currency coverage in a transparent, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

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