Former Head of QSI Jian Chen Moves from Morgan Stanley to FairXchange

FairXchange, a UK-based data science firm specialising in FX markets, has hired Jian Chen as head of data science earlier this year, according to market sources.
Prior to joining FairXchange, Chen served as a head of quantative solutions and innovations (QSI) at Morgan Stanley.

He had joined the firm in FX quantative strategy and sales in 2012, responsible for quantative signal development and trading, FX market microstructure study and algo design.
Chen became head of QSI at the company four years later.
His career began at RBS in 2006, where he was a senior quantative analyst and head of quantative client strategy technology for almost six years.
In 2011, he took up a role as a quantative strategist, FX technology-based trading, which he left in 2012 to join Morgan Stanley.
FairXchange was established by former Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley e-FX executive Guy Hopkins in 2016.
Hopkins was head of FX electronic trading EMEA at Bloomberg and head of FXEM e-distribution EMEA at Morgan Stanley, responsible for the distribution of the firm’s electronic FX offering.
FairXchange said in a statement on its linked in profile that its guiding principle is that trading FX should be commercially sustainable for all participants, both buy-side and sell-side alike.
“We provide state of the art analysis tools that allow you to understand the true cost of your execution”, the firm noted.

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