USG Exchange Listing Announcement

Blockfills Announces the public listing of USG at HitBTC, bringing online streaming digital gold quotes against crypto and fiat to global traders across multiple venues
Blockfills, a global leader in liquidity provision of digital assets for professionals and institutions announces their first and largest listing to date of USG, a gold-backed crypto asset. Blockfills and US Gold Currency, the issuer of USG, have been working together on this project for well over a year and are pleased to announce the successful listing at HitBTC as well as others.

USG went LIVE for trading on April 1st at HitBTC and has subsequently started streaming against both fiat and crypto instruments inside of Blockfills trading platform as well as on, a Malta based algorithmic crypto trading exchange and DACX, a London based digital asset exchange focused on bringing commodities based instruments to the exchange in digital form.
Director of Sales and Trading, Neil Van Huis, from Blockfills says, “We have always planned to bring more common assets in digital form to the crypto asset sector. Bringing USG to the public markets is a result of the great partnership we have with US Gold Currency, as well as, global institutional market makers and leading cryptocurrency exchanges. We have seen increasing demand over the past nine months for both gold as a digital asset, as well as, gold digital assets traded against other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. Today’s global economic climate has further increased that demand at the retail level, thus our push onto public markets.”
There has been a longstanding comment that Bitcoin is digital gold. Well, it looks like perhaps now investors globally will have the chance to choose.
DACX CEO, Zee Chaudhry said: “In the face of the present crisis a digital token backed by sovereign issued gold such as the US Mint, would be an excellent addition to the digital asset ecosystem, especially with direct crypto and fiat pairings. There has been a significant increase in interest this year for digital assets backed by gold both from retail and institutional perspectives. Referring back to the poll we did for our community back in November 2019 there was an overwhelming 49% majority which wished to trade a stable asset backed by gold. We are proud to have recently launched with USG to make it available to our global community.”
There have been several gold digital assets that have come to market, but this one may set itself apart. USG is backed 1:1 with an underlying physical gold coin, the US American Eagle, which is created and distributed by the US Mint.
Therefore, if you have one or more USG tokens, you can redeem each one of them physically for a gold coin, should you choose to forego the digital asset in your wallet.
Furthermore, the US government division, the US Mint, sets prices of the underlying physical gold coin just once per week, on Wednesdays.
USG pricing follows this publicly available government set price; Blockfills and leading institutional market makers like GSR will help provide liquidity for this listed USG token.
John Kramer, Trader, GSR said: “Our aim is to facilitate fair price discovery. We’re looking forward to tapping our expertise in digital asset market making and doing our part to promote a healthy trading environment.
Knowing where crypto markets will be in one month let alone six months is still tough for one to predict, but it appears that gold as a digital asset is generally here to stay.
Larry Debry, Director US Gold Currency added: “Gold has been one of the most significant legacy asset classes throughout history. Just as everyone has written gold off, saying it is outdated and no longer relevant, US Gold Currency created the USG forming a futuristic and modern gold asset class for the 21st Century by marrying Monetary Gold with the Blockchain. USG is the “real” digital gold”.
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