Libra Member ‘Bison Trails’ to Support PolkaDot’s Blockchain Platform

Cross-blockchain infrastructure firm Bison Trails is announcing its support of multi-chain framework platform Polkadot on its platform, a move that will allow anyone to launch and run a Polkadot validator, which is responsible for verifying blocks in the Polkadot network and participate in the network’s consensus mechanism.
Polkadot’s network acts as a bridge between blockchains through a scalable multi-chain, which the company says will enable blockchains to share software and security with the other parallel chains, or “parachains.” The Polkadot protocol allows “arbitrary data” as well as tokens, to be transferred across blockchains.

Polkadot’s mainnet launch is scheduled to happen sometime “in the coming months.”

As Polkadot approaches beta launch, you can now claim your dots with !

Individuals and entities that hold dots can now take the first step to prepare for Polkadot’s launch.

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Joe Lallouz, chief executive of Bison Trails, said that his company is “excited ramp-up support for Kusama and Polkadot.” Kusama is a Web3 Foundation project that was designed to allow developers to test implementations in am environment similar to Polkadot’s.
“We believe in Polkadot’s potential to be truly transformative for the entire blockchain industry.”
“Both Kusama and Polkadot were designed to scale to 1,000 validators with similar levels of stake and 100 parachain shards, each with their own collator nodes,” he said. “Bison Trails empowers DOT and KSM [token] holders to participate in the network more quickly and easily than would otherwise be possible.”
Lallouz is confident in his beliefs about the effects that Polkadot and Kusama will have on the blockchain ecosystem as a whole: “by fully supporting both the Kusama and Polkadot initiatives, even after Polkadot launches, we’re enabling the pioneers of tomorrow to build the future that we envision,” he said.
“We’re incredibly optimistic about what we’ve seen with Kusama, and we believe in Polkadot’s potential to be truly transformative for the entire blockchain industry.”
As part of the announcement, Bison Trails is also introducing a self-styled “proprietary innovation in blockchain technology”: a “double-signing” feature that is said to ensure that double-signing will not happen at any point.
Notably, Bison Trails is also a founding member of the Libra Association–one that has stayed with the project after
In an , shortly after the conclusion of a , Mr. Lallouz said that Bison Trails’ decision to become a part of the Libra association is “consistent with our approach for every blockchain protocol on the Bison Trails Platform.”
“Our goal is to ensure the Libra network is decentralized, secure, and well-orchestrated, with the infrastructure in place to support billions of transactions,” he told Finance Magnates.

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