ACY Securities Adds New Chief Market Analyst to its Team

ACY Securities has appointed Alistair Schultz as their new Chief Market Analyst, who joins the group with immediate effect, citing a company statement.
Mr Schultz, who started his career on the trading floors of New York, has more than 15 years’ experience in the FX and CFD markets and has worked with both institutional clients (with a focus on algorithmic trading) and retail clients (with a focus on providing market analysis).

As an analyst, educator and trading coach, Mr Schultz has been delivering detailed, high-quality market analysis on a regular basis to active traders around the world and has also authored the trading bible “Essentials For Trading Students – An Overview of the Basics for Aspiring Traders”, which was released in 2017.
Commenting on the appointment of Mr Schultz, Ashley Jessen, Head of Marketing at ACY Securities said that his team was looking forward to delivering Schultz’s insights to ACY’s global audience.
“What excited our team the most about Alistair is his focus and passion for helping clients have the best tools to succeed with their trading. With a strong educational background, 15 years in the market & experience on Wall Street, our team is looking forward to delivering his insights to our rapidly growing global audience” said Mr Jessen in a statement this morning.
Mr Schultz said he was honoured to join the team at ACY Securities and shared his philosophy on trading education.
“It’s an honour to be joining the very talented team at ACY Securities as their new Chief Market Analyst.  When it comes to education on trading; my philosophy is that no two traders are alike.  What works for one is different to another and I believe in helping those traders who are not sure what works for them find their own path by exposing them to a broad range of teachings” said Mr Schultz in an interview today.

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