Scandinavian Capital Markets Names New Chief Market Strategist

There’s been another change in the industry, with Scandinavian Capital Markets, a foreign exchange (forex) broker regulated in Sweden, announcing this Thursday that it has appointed Dan Blystone to the role of Chief Market Strategist.
Blystone joined Scandinavian Capital Markets in 2019

Dan Blystone, Chief Market Strategist of Scandinavia Capital Markets
Source: LinkedIn
Blystone has been working with the broker since early 2019 as the Senior Market Analyst. In his new role, he will lead a team of analysts doing research for Scandinavian Capital Markets.
During his career, Blystone has held a number of roles in the trading space. Most notably, he founded in 2008, an outlet that publishes articles and videos to help educate traders.
Commenting on the appointment, Arif Alexander Ahmad, Founder and Managing Partner of Scandinavian Capital Markets said in the statement: “As one of the original Valhalla initiative participants, we were impressed by the breadth of Dan’s trading industry experience. 
“Furthermore, we learned that our values, such as putting the customer first and overall fairness (Lagom), were aligned with his. We have enjoyed following Dan on TradersLog and FXStreet and are excited to have him among our team of market analysts.”
Blystone has created content for FXStreet and Investopedia, in addition to TradersLog. He began his career in the trading industry as an arb clerk on the floor of the (CME), flashing orders into the currency futures pits.
Over the past two decades, he briefly worked at the interbank desk of Dutch banking giant . He also traded bond futures off the floor for several proprietary trading firms, including Altea Trading.
Throughout his tenure at Altea, Blystone specialised in trading Eurex futures overnight, including the Bund, the Bobl and the Dax. After he obtained his Series 3 licence, he worked in the brokerage side of the industry, for Infinity Futures in Chicago, where he was a futures, futures options and forex broker. 

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