Retail FX Volumes at GAIN Capital Continues on Upward Trend

GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GCAP) saw a second consecutive increase in its aggregated trading volumes during January 2020, which helped its retail turnover come off it hit throughout the previous year. However, with trading volatility in the FX space still seemingly hard to come by heading into the first quarter of the new year, the largest FX broker in the US failed to best its 2019 equivalent.
In particular, GAIN Capital’s retail clients transacted a total of $161 billion in January 2020, up 23 percent month-over-month from $131 billion in December 2019. Over a yearly timetable, GAIN’s latest retail OTC volume was lower by 12 percent from $184 billion in January 2019.

The group’s average daily volumes (ADVs) came in at $7.3 billion in January 2020, up 18 percent month-over-month from $6.2 billion per day in December 2019. This figure has fallen by 13 percent on a yearly basis from $8.4 billion the previous year.
Futures volume rebounds
“Trading conditions in January saw a solid improvement over December and the fourth quarter in general, with Retail daily volumes increasing 18% and Futures up 36% month on month.  Coming off a prolonged period of low volatility during 2019, we remain focused on our longer term strategy but are encouraged by how the new year has begun,” stated Glenn Stevens, GAIN Capital CEO.
Meanwhile, active accounts in the retail segment totaled 123,427 in January 2020, which slightly increased on a monthly basis from 122,532 accounts in December 2019. This reading is also higher relative to 122,581 in January 2019, up 0.7 percent year-over-year.
Finally, futures trading shot higher last month to 648,101contracts, corresponding to an increase of 36 percent from a month earlier when weighed against 477,386 contracts in December.

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