ChartIQ Launches New Solution for Regulatory Compliance

With compliance becoming increasingly difficult for financial firms amid tightening regulation, ChartIQ announced this Wednesday that it has introduced Post-Trade Visualization, a software solution that delivers true order transparency.
ChartIQ is that specialises in data visualisation and charting software for the financial industry. Its new solution allows financial firms to meet regulatory compliance requirements, such as Dodd-Frank and .

Specifically, the solution organises the relevant data for firms related to an order and visually mapping an order’s life cycle, the statement released by the company this Wednesday said. It also displays events, such as emails and chats in context with individual executions, order parameter changes, and more, in real-time.

Dan Schleifer, Chief Executive and co-founder of ChartIQ
Source: LinkedIn
Commenting on the product launch, Dan Schleifer, Chief Executive and co-founder of ChartIQ said in the statement: “In the aftermath of the financial crisis, companies invested billions of dollars preparing for regulations like Dodd-Frank and MiFID II, which transformed the industry.
“The vast number of systems that go into the execution of an order result in mountains of data and very little actionable insight. By using Post-Trade Visualization, firms are armed with an intuitive solution that visually maps and accurately portrays the behavior of all aspects of execution of an order.”
ChartIQ solution suitable for both buy- and sell-side firms
Post-Trade Visualization includes capabilities for both buy- and sell-side firms, as well as solution providers, to meet regulatory standards. According to ChartIQ, the solution has benefits for traders, solution providers and compliance officers.
Eugene Sorenson, VP, Product Management for ChartIQ
Source: LinkedIn
“There are a multitude of data streams necessary to tell the full story of a single order,” Eugene Sorenson, the Vice President, Product Management for ChartIQ, added. 
“Visualization shines a light into every detail that goes into order execution, which is critical for traders who need to respond and adjust based on current market activity, and for compliance officers who require a complete picture of a trade lifecycle. Post-Trade Visualization combines our industry expertise and charting capabilities to transform how financial organizations do business.”

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