Get Ready for Commission-Free BTC Futures Trading from Digitex

After a little over two years in the making, will finally launch the mainnet of its zero-fee BTC futures exchange on April 27.
This will mark a historic moment for the young company that’s had its ups and downs since its 2018 ICO.

It will also bring a series of firsts to cryptocurrency futures trading in the shape of zero fees and a one-click trading ladder interface creating what the company calls a “scalpers’ paradise.”
Removing Commissions from Every Single Trade
All traders on the Digitex Futures exchange must buy its native to take part.
All trades are executed in DGTX and all profits and losses denominated in the exchange’s currency.
This continued demand for the DGTX token from traders looking to take part in active liquid markets without paying a single commission will create a constant demand for the token, allowing Digitex to remove the fees.
With a beta version already in full swing handling high amounts of volume, the company is feeling confident in its product. CEO and Founder Adam Todd said:
“There’s currently nothing like this in the crypto derivatives market. We’re getting so much positive feedback about the fact that traders can trade over and over and over again without incurring a single fee. Once we hit the mainnet, we’ll be giving active traders and scalpers the chance to make money on small price movements without losing out on commissions. This is currently impossible on fee-charging exchanges.”
He added, “It hasn’t been easy to get this far, we have had our fair share of development problems on the way, but now that the beta is receiving such praise and we have a launch date for April 27, finally we can deliver the game-changing exchange we set out to ever since our ICO.”
A Trading Ladder Interface Marks a First for Crypto
Beyond zero fees that enable aggressive trading strategies such as scalping, Digitex Futures is the first platform to introduce a traditional futures trading ladder to crypto trading. Veteran traders including ReadySetCrypto’s Doc Severson have commented that the ladder is “the most important part of it.” He said, “this is what’s missing from every other futures-based interface that’s out there in crypto… a proper trading ladder.”
Other testers on the beta have also enthused about the unique interface, with Cryptrader saying, “I have been in this space since crypto futures first came onto the scene… I can say with 100% confidence that Digitex Futures has the most user-friendly UI for any scalper to use in the crypto space. When you combine that with zero commissions it is truly amazing how much of an edge you can take back as a trader.”
The Mainnet Launch on April 27
To ensure that the mainnet launch goes off without a hitch, onboarding will be a gradual process.
Digitex did this when it opened up its beta version, selecting a small group of “Alpha” traders to enter before opening the doors to the general public.
This kind of soft launch allows developers to monitor the platform and ensure there are no issues for a few days before general onboarding.
But with the high amount of volume the beta is taking thanks to Digitex’s ongoing Trading Battle rewarding testers with real DGTX prizes, the team is confident in its robust platform.
One Digitex tester silvi silvito commented, “Trading on the platform this week was just outstanding. Stable and robust taking massive volumes and huge traffic.
Even made it to the top 100 and get rewarded with 100 DGTX tokens. Pure addictive and very smooth performance. LOVE IT!”
First-place winner of the Trading Battle Scalpy added, “Once you get used to the idea of being able to place orders at the price you want using a ladder, there’s no going back… As a scalper, the concept of commission-free trading is the stuff of dreams.”
With momentum riding high and a crypto derivatives market growing at a rapid pace with more and more entrants from Binance to Bakkt, Digitex looks set to turn heads this Spring shaking up the way crypto futures are traded for good.

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