Thai Police Nab 24 Chinese Citizens for Running Crypto Call Center Scam

Thailand’s immigration police busted a crypto-related call center scam in Bangkok, arresting 24 Chinese nationals.
According to the Chiang Rai Times, the members of the organized racket rented a house in the country’s capital city to run their dubious operation.

The members of the organized scam lured nationals in mainland China to trade digital currency on crypto exchange, per the Thai police statement released on Wednesday. This call center scam is believed to be running since March of this year.
Apart from the Chinese national, the police are also suspecting the involvement of Thai national, however, no arrests of any Thai citizens were made yet.
The report also detailed that the Thai police confiscated more than 500 mobile phones and dozens of computers from the house where the house from which the perpetrators were running the call center.
However, the police did not disclose any figure of losses associated with the scam.
The report also outlined that Thailand is one of the hotbeds of call center scams, which also involve stock market speculations.
China and crypto
Meanwhile, in , the government banned all crypto trading platforms last year along with initial coin offerings. The traders in the country found a loophole in the system to engage in digital asset trading – they buy USDT stablecoin from over-the-counter (OTC) desks move them to exchanges to trade digital currencies.
Despite the government ban, multiple crypto businesses are operating in China illegally. The Schengen law enforcement recently identified 39 “illegal cryptocurrency” companies operating in the region.
Moreover, with hype over the Chinese adaptation of crypto after a speech by President Xi Jinping, the Chinese central bank had to come out, clarifying its stand over blockchain and crypto and also revealed its intention .

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