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is an international, fast growing company founded by veterans in the banking system in the UK. We are offering our clients dedicated IBAN accounts for their financial activities, B2B and C2B.
Wire500 helps their clients to ease their financial activities with tools and bank accounts from all around Europe, where you can send and receive funds worldwide.

One of the biggest problems of the payment solutions market is the slow processing, security and region-specific challenges in markets where businesses don’t have banking relationships or infrastructure.
Being managed by extremely experienced professionals and working with some of the biggest European banks, Wire500, has found solutions to all present issues of the market.
For us, servicing you is our top priority.
Our unique relationship with you is why we exist. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing a trustworthy, personal, efficient and fast service.
We urge you to try us and assure you that we will supply a quick reply to any problem you have. Your safety is important to us!
We strive to make the KYC process as simple, fast and trustworthy as possible. All you need to do is open an account, provide your personal/company details and we will do the rest.
Our network offers real time, accurate, low and competitive exchange rates. Not only that, we also charge extremely low commission rates!
Through the years bank regulation and compliance procedures became more and more strict. Effective compliance procedures ensure that the financial institution complies with applicable laws, regulations and rules.
That is why our company , to ensure the security of the payments of our clients.
Banks and credit unions need to think of technology-based resolutions to banking industry challenges.
Therefore, it’s important that financial institutions promote a culture of innovation, in which technology is leveraged to optimize existing processes and procedures for maximum efficiency.
This cultural shift toward a technology-first attitude is reflective of the larger industry-wide acceptance of digital transformation.
Increase the strength and effectiveness of our fraud prevention strategy while improving the experience for trusted customers with our multi-layered fraud and identity solutions.
We help your business personalize risk-based authentication and proactively uncover fraud threats and bad actors, before they impact your business or your bottom line.
Our solutions enable you to detect more fraud and better segment high-risk accounts from trusted customers without increasing costs so your business can capitalize on growth opportunities and combat emerging fraud threats more effectively.
The Wire500 is built from crowdsourced intelligence from approximately 35 billion global transactions each year including logins, payments, and new account creations. This provides a wealth of cross-industry intelligence which is leveraged by Wire500.
Wire500 is striving to be the single solution provider for every payment related services. Our company is disrupting the payment industry with its leading solutions for Payment Service Providers, E-Commerce, Affiliates, FX Traders, Marketing Agencies, Gaming, Crypto Companies and many more.
Payment services are essential to the operation of any business, understanding this, we from Wire500, are dedicated to our work, and we are doing everything to satisfy our clients with professionalism, and fast solving of any issues, which can appear on the financial field.
Disclaimer: The content of this article was provided by the company, and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates.

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